Chapter 18

The Yoga of Liberation Through Surrender

After recapping the essence of Yoga, we discover a very succinct verse called the Diamond Shloka that tells us everything we need to know and do in order to complete our journey Home. Then, in this final chapter, we get to discover one last ‘secret’ of Yoga, and the joy and wonder it brings.

1-2    Abandonment & Renunciation and the Difference Between Them

3-11   Perform Prescribed Actions with Abandon

12   Renunciation

13-16 The Five Causes of Action

17    Knowledge, Action and the Gunas

18-22  Knowledge

12-28  Action

29-32  Three Kinds of Intelligence

33-35  Three Kinds of Resolve

36-39  Three Kinds of Happiness

40-45  Four Kinds of People

45-49  Attaining Success, Perfection & Special Powers

50-56  Attaining Godhood

57-59  Attaining Godhood, Part 2

50-63  Attaining Godhood, Part 3

64-66  The Diamond Shloka

67-71  The Greatest Secret of All

70-78  Profound Joy and Happiness

The Exquisite Beauty of Surrender Yoga