Chapter Eleven

Vision of the Cosmic Form of God

Arjuna understands that Krishna is what He says He is. If this is something that can be seen, Arjuna wants to see it, so he asks Lord Krishna to reveal His true form. Seeing the wonders of this form, Arjuna is awed and inspired, but this quickly turns to fear and asking for the return of Lord Krishna’s gentle form.

1  The Eternal Self-existent Self

2  The Imperishable Absolute and the Coming and Going of Beings

3-4  Arjuna Asks to See Krishna’s True Form

5-6  The Cosmic Form of Lord Krishna

7-8  With Divine Sight, Arjuna Sees the Universe in Krishna’s Body

9-31  Samjaya Tells the Blind King of Arjuna’s Terrifying Vision of Krishna’s Cosmic Form

9-31  Commentary on the Terrifying Vision of the Cosmic Form

32  Destroying the Enemy of Yoga through Yoga

33   Even Though Acting, One Does Nothing

34-35  Obstacles to Yoga

34-35  Obstacles to Yoga, Continued

36-37  The Awakening of Kundalini

38-40  Surrender & Self Realization

41-46  Arjuna Seeks the Return of Lord Krishna’s Gentle Form

47-51  Lord Krishna Returns to His Gentle Human Form

52-55   Embraced by God