Chapter Five

The Yoga of Renunciation

After giving us a good idea of how to proceed, and what can be gained by this practice, Lord Krishna now takes up the subject of renunciation, a subject that will surprise us as to its true meaning.

1-3   The Nature of Nature is to Move

4-6  What Spiritual Path Suits You Best 

7-9  Delete Your Karma

…….Addendum: A More Literal Translation

10-12 The Path of Surrender

13  The Wisdom Teachings of Surrender

14  In the City of Nine Gates

…….Mitigating Negative Influences

…….How to Mitigate Negative Influences

15  Real Reality

16-17 Enlightened by Knowledge

18-19 See the Same in Everyone

……. Enlightenment and Liberation

20  Yoga Sameness and Samadhi

21-22  Happiness

23-24 Nirvana

25-26 Happiness Is Your Natural State

27   Preparing for Meditation

28-29 Real Meditation