Chapter Nine

The Yoga of the Royal Secret Science

In this chapter, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna who and what he really is, and as we listen in on their conversation, we learn the secret to reaching this liberated state ourselves, and attaining Absolute God—Absolute Truth. 

1     The Most Profound Secret of All Secrets

2-3  Royal Knowledge of the Royal Secret

4-6  Where is God?

7      The Secret of Yoga

8      Purusha and Prakriti

9-10 What You Really Are Does Nothing

11-14 Avatara

15    Omniscience

16   The Means of Reaching God is God

17   Origin and Transformation

18-19 Protector of the Path

20-22 Freedom or Heaven?

22-23 Finding the Magician Within

24-25 You Get What You Worship

26-28 The Power of Devotion

29-31 A Law Unto Yourself

32-33 The Highest Goal

33-34 The Highest Goal: The Finish Line