Chapter Ten

Vibhuti Yoga – Power Yoga

Because Arjuna is taking so much delight in listening to Lord Krishna’s teachings, He is now in a position to deliver teachings that will be of the greatest value to Arjuna (and to us). To present these teachings, he tells Arjuna of his vibhutis, his powers and manifestations.

Prelude to Chapter Ten, The Big Picture

1-5  The Big Picture

6  Time

Somewhere In Time

No More Soft Pedaling

7-8  Vibhuti – Power Yoga

Vibhuti Yoga – Guru

8-11  Coming Together in Devotion

The Trouble with Consciousness

12  Yoga in Meditation & Life

13-18  Petitioning God


19-20  God In You

21  Life Energy, All-Pervasiveness & Three Worlds

22    Life Mastery & Meditation

23  Howlers, Happiness & Surrender

24-25  The Best Surrender, Ascendent Kundalini & OM

26   Trees, Devotion, Music and Perfection

27  Horses, Elephants and Nectar

28-29  Thunderbolts, Cows, Ancestors and Snakes

30-31  Happiness, Time & the Rest of the Righteous

32-35  Creation, Destruction, Rebirth & The Self

36-37  Risk, Efficacy and Victory

38-42  The Silence of Secrets and the Wisdom of the Wise

40-42 The Power of God (and You) is Unlimited