Chapter Two

The Yoga of Knowledge

Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna about Truth and what it takes to achieve Yoga.

1-9 – Lord Krishna admonishes our hero for his cowardice.

10-13 – The Embodied One and the Being

14 – Attaining Enlightenment

15 – Sensible Spirituality

16-21 – Enlightenment, Self-realization, God-realization, Christ-consciousness

22-27 – You cannot know the Real by means of the unReal.

28-32 – Life and Death and Heaven

33-36 – You have two life purposes—one is the same for everyone, and the other is unique to you.

37 – There is everything to gain and nothing to lose in pursuing Truth.

38 – Attraction and aversion are opposite sides of the same coin.

39 – Taking into account everything that can be known and what to do with it.

40 – If you ever worry about losing the progress you have made, here is the secret.

41 – Undertaking this Yoga, no harm will come to you and no progress is ever lost.

42-43 – Do you want to settle for what you think you want, or have what you really want?

44 – You have unlimited power—you have only to access it.

45-46  When you de-identify with nature, the Real You becomes obvious.

47 – All action occurs in nature, but you are not nature.

48 – Trick question: If what you are does nothing, how can you achieve your aims?

49 – If you want to do something well, you need to know your subject.

50 – If you have an interest in freedom, you have only to be rid of your karma.

51 – If you want to get to heaven let me tell you what to do . . .

52 – Dogma will die to you when you come alive to Truth.

53 – When you stop relying on beliefs you can experience God.

54 – How to learn: Ask questions.

55 – You are your own best friend.

56 – When you stop chasing happiness you will know joy.

57 – Distinguishing desires of the mind from other desires.

58 – How Darkness Dispels the Light of Illusion.

59 – Meditation Isn’t What You Think.

60 – Obstacles to meditation and how to avoid them.

61- Outsmarting Obstacles.

62 – How to get what you want without trying.

63 – Knowledge of the Mysteries.

64-65 – The Secret to Happiness, Part 1

66 – The Secret to Happiness, Part 2

67-68 – Fixing Bumps in the Road

69-72 – The Awakened State Reveals the Real

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