Outs from “7.12-14 States of Being”

Verse 13  

“Because of these states of being produced by the three gunas, all this world is stupefied and unaware of Me, who am eternal and beyond them.”

Eternal – ‘a woolen soma strainer’ and ‘unchanging, imperishable and non-decaying’. From the Sanskrit avyaya – made of sheep’s skin (as the woolen soma सोम strainer), and belonging to or consisting of sheep; not subject to change, imperishable, undecaying.

In this definition of the Sanskrit for ‘eternal’, I am reminded of the Masonic sheepskin apron. It is square, overlaid with a triangular piece of sheepskin with the apex pointing downward (female), and worn over the lower half of the body (prana and apana unite in Brahma Loka). The square is the mystical diagram for the 1st chakra, and the triangle for the 3rd. The sheep is the sacrificial animal: the human being offering himself to God in surrender.

That the soma strainer is made of sheep’s wool suggests a reference to advanced stages of yoga sadhana wherein the filtered soma becomes amrita, the nectar of immortality—and the “corruptible shall have put on incorruption”. How else could union (yoga) with God be complete?



The sweet and the serene

Sattvas is the mode of nature in which action is smooth-flowing. States associated with sattvas are serenity, contentment, happiness, tranquillity, clearness, purity, pleasantness and peace.Sattvas is warm. Action is easy. Color is white.


The lustful and the go-getter

Rajas is the mode of nature in which action is fast or intense. States associated with rajas are agitated, cheerful, jolly, elated, desirous, stimulated, enthusiastic, passionate, inflamed, excited, violent, lustful. Rajas is hot. Action is fast. Color is red.


The couch-potato and the saint

Tamas is the mode of nature in which action is slow-moving or fixed, still. States associated with tamas are apathetic, depressed, lazy, inert, dark, dispassionate, slow, lethargic, still, quiet, relaxed.Tamas is cool. Action is slow or stopped. Color is black.