Outs from “My Secret Source”

Over the course of translating the Bhagavad Gita for you, my comments have become more and more closely related to my own path of nirvritti sadhana, surrender yoga. It is almost impossible to avoid when, while poking around in the Sanskrit, I am continually struck by revelations.

Nirvritti Marga – The Path of Surrender

  • Nirvritti – straight, not going around in circles
  • Marga – path

This path of surrender is controversial to those engaged in traditional Yoga (pravritti marga). So when you try to check out what you have read here against other translations, in many cases you will find what will seem to be discrepancies, sometimes very big ones. So keep in mind that what I am passing on to you is not intended to be at odds with these other translations, but an expansion on what has already been said, and another way of looking at them.

I do not disagree with other translations, but see inside and beyond them to a bigger picture that I have come by through my own practice of nearly forty years, by the grace of my guru lineage, and through the guidance of my Board of Directors. 

Pravritti Marga – The Path of the Will

  • Pravritti – crooked, going around in circles
  • Marga – path

Some say that Yoga begins in chapter two, but I see it as beginning at the beginning, for the first chapter contains amazing information on the process of Yoga that is easily overlooked. It is usually seen as Arjuna being resistant to going ahead with it. True. But without him realizing it himself, Arjuna tells us everything we need to know about Yoga to succeed. So really, it’s all there in chapter one, with chapters two to six being its expansion.