Sahaja Yoga

List of Articles

1    Sahaja Yoga

2    Initiation

3    Practice

  Great Expectations

5    Surrender

6    Experience

  Radical Meditation

  Meditation As a Subversive Activity

9    Shaktipat Initiation and Kundalini

10  Shaktipat Prep

11  After Initiation

12  Mystics and Mysticism

13  Will and Surrender

14  Dharma

15  Shifting Perception

16  Making a Global Shift

17  The Absolute and the Relative

18  Shaktipat – What to Expect

19  Surrender Meditation & Non-Doership

20  Giver of Grace – The Appearance of Lakulisha

21  Giver of Grace – Swami Kripalu Talks About His Guru, Lakulisha

22  Giver of Grace – Kripalu Tells of the Discovery of the Statue of Lakulisha 

23  Giver of Grace – Swami Kripalu Recognizes His Guru

More to come . . .

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