Awaken to the Power and Fulfillment of Spiritual Leadership


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Spiritual Leadership can change your life and bring you the happiness you seek, as you impact the entire world through your own advancement.

Are you a Spiritual Leader in hiding?

How would you know?

Deep down you feel that your life has a purpose, but you struggle with the energy to take action.

You get inspired by the possibility of your desire, but struggle with implementing and acting on it.

You know that life is a team sport, but sometimes you feel like the only one who is playing.

You know that you are meant to have a positive impact in the world in a big way, but aren’t sure how to do that sustainably while maintaining your current responsibilities.

The good news is, it’s not difficult to change all of this. In fact, it’s easy and takes little effort. The bad news is, no one can do it for you. This is your voyage, your Spiritual Leadership, your life, and you are responsible for it, but you don’t have to do it alone.

So now you know…

You are a spiritual leader in hiding and you have a very important life purpose that will have an impact on the world.

That purpose is Spiritual Leadership full of joy, abundance, and fulfillment, and it is literally waiting for you…

Want to know the next step and how to make it sustainable?  Come to…

AWAKEN: Spiritual Leadership Immersion

A full day immersion retreat to experience the infinite possibilities that become available when you step into the space to receive your innate wisdom in order to awaken and align with your life purpose.

This retreat is for you if you are committed and serious about your personal and spiritual development.


Powerful, experiential and transformational. You will be fully guided and supported through amazing and effortless practice to catalyze and ignite your existing personal work.

This retreat is not for you if you are committed to techniques and rigorous mental, physical and emotional experiences for expanding consciousness.

Space is limited to ensure maximum support. So if you are ready for this experience REGISTER NOW: Email Anandi Kristina for more information and to register in advance to reserve your place.

Sunday July 1st
Nature’s Gate Retreat Center

Registration begins at 9am
Retreat begins at 11am
Retreat ends at 5pm

Snacks, a gourmet vegetarian lunch, tea and water provided.

ONLY $67 !!!

Camping is available for an additional cost $25 per night per person

This Retreat is led by Anandi Kristina, direct disciple of Durga Ma, Natural Meditation Master Teacher, composer, author and speaker.

II:17-18 Heaven Within

In these ways, one comes to find heaven withinpleasure and contentment, the attainment of the Highest bliss of unification with God, and absolute freedom. 

Now Krishna reiterates what he has already taught Arjuna in such a way as to clarify things simply. So you can see these three verses as a summing up of a huge mass of information that, if practiced, can take you the pinnacle of where you want to go—to the ‘Highest’.


Accordingly, such a person finds pleasure in the self, and thus contented within the self, this person finds that there is nothing to be done.

‘Accordingly’: What is being said here is relevant to the previous verses.

‘Self’: Though it may be tempting to associate ‘self’ with the true Self, it is the human self (mānava) being referred to here. This verse tells us the outcome of the practice that has been presented throughout this chapter on Karma Yoga (Action Yoga), specifically those from verse nine to this one. These teachings show the way to contentment and independence at every level that so inspires the imagination of those seeking inner peace. From here, enlightenment takes care of itself.

Indeed, for this person there is no motivation for acting or not acting, and not of all beings is there any aim or expectation.

Having understood and practiced these teachings, one becomes satisfied and content, so there is nothing ‘to do’. This person finds nothing to be the ‘doer’ of—there is no motivation for doing anything. The sense of doership does not arise for this reason, not because of egotism, ignorance or laziness. This person is not constantly looking for company and checking out the nearest bar. Instead, he is probably at home meditating. He does not look to others for satisfaction, fulfillment or contentment, and does not expect it, or need it, from others.

Ego: ahańkāra, ‘I do’.

‘Expectation’: We discussed expectations earlier in Great Expectations and Accessing the Abundance of the Field. Might it be that this and the previous verses are suggesting a state in which subconscious expectations have no influence? If one reaches a state in which there is nothing to be done, how can expectations, conscious or subconscious, have any effect?

Subconscious Expectations
saṃskāra – संस्कार )

Hidden expectations based on past events that determine personal tendencies and influence events to come. These samakaras, which are desire-based, have a way of running our lives.

There comes a time in one’s sadhana when one comes to experience complete apathy on a daily basis. There is nothing one is drawn to do. Nothing is of interest, even for a person who would ordinarily find something interesting in just about anything. Now, however, nothing really matters. And sometimes, it seems that something must be very wrong, that one must surely at least be interested in spiritual things, or spiritual people, or spiritual endeavors, or spiritual books. But no, there is nothing.

One tends to not even be all that interested in one’s own personal welfare, and spiritual practices continue as a matter of course, as things that ‘should’ be important are passed over in favor of it. The world seems like a merry-go-round that was once very interesting and exciting, but after so many rides, and having seen such amazing things that exist outside of normal experience (and merry-go-rounds), life is just another ride, and it is perfectly acceptable to just be. And practices continue on their own.

Coming this mid-week:  Heaven Within, Conclusion

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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