Characteristics of the Demonic, Bhagavad Gita, Ch 16, Vs 6 – 11

Ravana, demon king
Ravana, the ten-headed demon king

Of created beings in the world there are two kinds: the divine and the demonic. The divine has been explained at great length. Now hear from Me about the demonic:

Those persons possessing demonic characteristics cannot comprehend action and inaction, nor do they understand purity or righteous action. Truth is not found in them.

  • Action, pravṛitti – ‘to turn, revolve, go around in circles’; using the will to act for self-motivated purposes (i.e. desires), thus causing one to remain caught in the cycles of death and rebirth.
  • Inaction, nivṛitti – ‘inaction’; abandoning self-motivated (willful) actions in surrender to God/Truth) and escaping the cycles of death and rebirth.
  • Purity – clearness; everything in its natural, divine order.
  • Righteous action – action in accordance with scriptural injunction; actions consistent with the Real You that emerge from your surrender to Absolute God in meditation.
  • Truth – Absolute God — whether personal God or abstract God, and regardless of what you call It.

The Demonic say that the world is without Truth, without a God, without any solid basis, but is brought about by desire alone. How else!  

Alternate translation:
The Demonic say that the universe has no real basis, that there is no God, no Truth, and is created by nothing other than the commingling of the two sexes, and has no purpose other than sexual gratification.

The Rakshasa demons of Ravana go after the good guys.
King Ravana’s Rakshasa demons go after the good guys.

Holding fast to these views, these men who have lost themselves, are of small intelligence and cruel acts. They arise as enemies of the world, threatening its destruction.

This leaves the preservation of the world up to those of us willing to grow spiritually. When we do, we are benefited, and everyone else is also benefited. This is the ONLY way that the world can be saved from this destruction.

The world and its inhabitants will not be saved by campaigns for eliminating pollution, global warming, etc., but by a sufficient number of individuals increasing their spiritual advancement. Surely, you would want to be one of these heroes?

We must take up this purpose by means of increased personal and spiritual growth. We must advance ourselves. This is not only going to bring us more happiness, but it will have a positive effect on everyone else, and even the planet itself.

ONLY YOU can save the world.

What we have to do is to get in sync with our Real Selves as described in verses 1-3 and the yamas and niyamas, the Ten Keys to Success, ten universal spiritual principles. Without this knowledge, practice and ultimate mastery, all efforts to advance will eventually fail, but with it, success is guaranteed

With every success you achieve, the world takes a step forward. When you are happy and content in your life, the world sighs in relief. When you as a human being exemplify the Real You, the world is massively brought forward along with everyone in it.

Everything you do affects everyone else. 

Attached to insatiable desires and filled with deceit, pride and lust, they accept such false notions through delusion, and proceed with impure intentions.

Obsessed with endless anxieties that can end only end in death, maintaining with complete assurance that fulfilling desires is the highest aim possible, they are convinced that this is all there is.

There is nothing we can do about these people other than get on with our own spiritual advancement. Not only can this save the world, but it can make significant changes in the lives of others, and may even save them as well. So let’s up the ante!

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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Helping you advance spiritually is my mission.
Saving the world is the result of our success.
Durga Ma

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