VIII:19-21 The Day and Night of Brahmā, Part 2

Having come to be again and again in the Day of God, all beings are reabsorbed into the Night of God, only to become manifest again at the arrival of the Day. But there is something beyond all this that is eternal, where one is relieved of the trials of death and rebirth, and never parishes. This is the Highest Goal. 

Having come into manifestation again and again, the multitude of beings are spontaneously reabsorbed at the arrival of night, Son of Pritha, arising again at the arrival of day.

  • Beings: The word for ‘beings’ also means ‘existences, occurrences, material existences’.

In addition to our discussion on Day and Night in the previous installment, another meaning is this: Day is when the Life Energy’s warming aspect is predominant, and night is when its cooling aspect is predominant. 

  • Sunprana, the upward warming cycle of the Life Energy, usually translated as ‘ingoing breath’. 
  • Moonapana, the downward cooling cycle of the Life Energy, usually translated as ‘outgoing breath’. 

You may notice that, at any given time, one nostril is more open than the other to greater and lesser degrees. When the the right nostril is predominantly open, the warming sun is up. When the left nostril is predominantly open, the cool of the moon predominates and it is night.

If “reabsorbed at the arrival of night” puts you in mind of doomsday, consider another meaning of this as the spectacular union of these two energies, prana and apana. When these two energies come clashing together in the body, the evolutionary force, Kundalini, is awakened. Arjuna, who is listening to all this as Krishna speaks, is positioned at this very point and having a hard time of it. It is doomsday alright. It is the beginning of the end of life as he has known it up to this point.

But beyond this un-manifest state, there is another, different non-manifest that is higher and eternal in which, when all beings perish, does not perish.

Ah. So there is another non-manifest that is always there and always has been. It doesn’t come and go or come to an end. This non-manifest is different from the “night of Brahmā” which comes to an end with the “day of Brahmā”.   

This non-manifest is called the Imperishable, and is considered to be the Highest Goal. By attaining it, one does not return. This is My Highest Abode.

Rather than returning to other worlds, it is possible to reach this non-manifest that doesn’t come to an end. This successfully ends the cycles of death and rebirth into lesser, more difficult, worlds. 

This other non-manifest state that exists eternally is called the ‘Imperishable’ for a reason. Imperishable means ‘enduring forever, indestructible, deathless’. This chapter, continuing from the last verses of chapter seven, is providing us with what we need to know in order to reach this deathless state, ourselves.

Equanimity (samadhi) can only be achieved through the union of day and night by “day and night knowing people [previous post].” This is yoga—the union of prana and apana, the sun and the moon, the day and the night—the activation and acceleration of the evolutionary force (Kundalini awakens) within the individual.

This stage of spiritual development is called Hatha Yoga, ‘sun-moon union’. But the show is not over at this point, for there is another stage beyond this that is attained through the union of you and Kundalini, you and God. At this stage, Kundalini fully awakens, and the Imperishable Absolute can now be reached. This is Raja Yoga, royal union. 

These teachings on The Day and Night of Brahmā are presented in apocalyptic terms in some scriptures, and interpreted as armageddon and the end of the world. But there is another interpretation that does not require the usual doomsday scenario:

The Imperishable, Krishna’s Highest Abode, is reached, liberation attained, and the world as you have known it ends. You dwell with Lord Krishna and others like Him, in the Eternal Happiness of the Imperishable. 

  • Apocalypse – Revelation, the disclosure of knowledge of something hidden.
  • Armageddon – The full awakening of Kundalini:

    From the Hebrew: ‘Hill of Megiddo’, a Canaanite city. The verb root (gad) indicates cutting with the distinct purpose of revealing a treasure. This is khechari mudra, ‘flying through the air seal’, which evolves from jalandhara bandha (‘throat lock’) and awakens the evolutionary force, kundalini, in a full and accelerated manner.

    From the dictionary: “The last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment and the termination of life.” Meaning: At the last clashing together of sun and moon energies before the dawning of Kundalini when She fully asserts Herself, the past will be dead and you’ll never be the same again.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

Apocalypse Diary – The Shoe Falls

The next issue of the Bhagavad Gita (ch 1, vs 2-6) inexplicably disappeared without a trace. It is just gone, not even in the ‘trash’. I will try to remember what I wrote and get it to you asap. Meanwhile, I will be posting a journal for a few days in the hope of keeping you happy and coming back. 

Wednesday 4.9.14

Got a call this morning that mom is not doing well and Dr doesn’t expect her to last long. Thought about getting a taxi to the airport and finding the first flight to Kansas City. Realized that was rash and got online to discover that the only non-stop flight would leave before I got there; booked the next flight out at 7 pm.

Got word to two neighbors that I would be leaving, sat down, and the phone rang again. My mom is gone. My mom is gone and I wasn’t able to be there with her when she left her body. I so wanted to be there for her. But her pastor was there, and a social worker, with whom I spoke; very nice; I was glad she had been there.

Everything went smoothly to get to the airport and to the gate. I don’t walk well, so this was a blessing. Further blessing: first class was vacant so I got into first class with a very cheap upgrade, so the flight was also easy and I got fed, something I hadn’t thought about and which was essential if I wasn’t going to burn out on the first day. There would be much to do.

Found a decent hotel with a shuttle.

Thursday 4.10.14

Had a good sleep. Got going earlier than expected. Caught shuttle to airport to rent a car. Got to Clinton in time for meeting with Lyle (uncle) after finding and booking a hotel. Went to the funeral home to make arrangements for mom’s service and burial. Scheduled for Monday. Viewing starts at 10, service at 11, then burial.

Went to meet with mom’s pastor at Church of Christ. The three of us talked about her for two hours. Made arrangements with pastor to do her service. The women want to have food for everyone after burial. People there seem to be in awe of her. She had attended church regularly, driving herself there every Sunday until she went into the nursing home where pastor took communion to her every week. He visited her often, as did other members. Was glad to hear that she had so many people caring about her. She would have been 100 on July 20.

Uncle Lyle took me to dinner afterwards around 7. Hadn’t eaten since breakfast at the hotel. Had driven straight down to Clinton and been busy making arrangements all day.

Mom had some money in her checking account, and this would come to me as her only child. First thing I did was start giving it away … to her church, and to Uncle Lyle, whom I thought really deserved it, he did so much during the time I was bed-ridden myself for so many months, and he is so tired. He is 86. But I really must stop this kind of behavior. My situation is drastically dire. There isn’t enough money left to support me for many days. I must get practical and figure out how to put what money is left to work for me, rather than giving it all away and then going through what’s left and ending up on the streets after all (not joking here).

Jane called after I got in. Jane is an old high school friend that lives near by. She said, “I’m here. Use me”.

Can’t get to sleep. Too tired. Ate some left-overs from dinner at 3 am hoping to knock myself out. Emailed the funeral home to ask them to do the obituary. I can’t do it. My mind is not working.  Need to sleep. Need to get grounded. Will call Jane tomorrow.

Friday 4.11.14

Woke at 7 after only 2 hours of sleep. Immediately went to thoughts about yesterday, cheating memory of dreams out of recollection. Fooey!

Will call Jane today. This super excellent human being has her feet on the ground. Talking to her will cause this mind to be more sensible about things and maybe I’ll get my own feet on the ground! Jane is a BFF, truly.


Everything I hear about young girls today makes one think they are all back-biting little snoots. Is this what is really going on these days, or is this just “good copy” for media moguls who think that only bad things are of interest to people, and only bad things sell? Hard to tell for someone who is so out of the loop.

My own experience growing up was very different. All of the girls in my class in school were super nice, nice to each other, and nice to those who were less fortunate than they. It was rare that anyone did anything that hurt someone else. I only remember one or two times this happened, and when someone messed up, that person cleaned it up right away. 

Old saying: “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.”

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