The Great Absolute Womb and the Seed-Giving Father – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 14, Vs 3-4

The Great Yoni and the seed-giving Father
The Great Yoni and the seed-giving Father

I, Mahat Brahman (the Great Absolute), am the Yoni, the womb from which all beings everywhere are produced.

  • yoni – female organs of generation
  • garbha – womb
  • Mahat Brahman – the self-existent ‘Great Absolute’

Of all that are born (‘all yoni issue’), Son of Kunti, in whatever form they are produced, I am the Great Absolute Yoni and the seed-giving Father.

Yoni - Sacred WombIt amazes me that these verses are consistently interpreted in such a way as to imply that the ‘seed-giving father’ is somehow at the center of things, when even Arjuna is being addressed with his mother’s name, Kunti. Here is an example of these two verses strung together in this manner:

(3) Material nature is the womb. In it I place the seed wherefrom all living beings come to be.  (4) Of all wombs, Brahman is the Great Womb, Son of Kunti, and I am the seed-giving father. From that all beings manifest.

If we look back at everything we have learned, we will be reminded that life, this world, and all of Creation, comes forth from the Absolute (Brahman), not as a deliberate action by some deity to create something, but as a spontaneous generation brought about by the awakening of Divine Individuals in the Absolute from their original state of peaceful bliss and perfection.

Our original state as Divine Individuals bears all the qualities commonly attributed to a separate God, but without awareness of these qualities. When we awakened, what we awakened to was our own existence (‘I am’). Like one might awaken from a lovely sleep, we became self-aware, aware of our existence. Once aware, our knowing of the existence of Others (do you see the duality here?) generated what we call “Creation.”

Creation came about by our not recognizing and accepting the sameness of the Others and ourSelves. It is by this difference becoming manifest that we have a World.

Yoni - Sacred WombThe Mother is Mahat Brahman, the Great Absolute, the Yoni, “the womb from which all beings everywhere are produced.” 

The Father is the first Divine Individual among Us who became self-aware and subsequently perceived and accepted all of Us as the same as himself. This individual is called Purushottama (purusha, the individual, and uttama, first and highest). 

The Seeds are all Divine Individuals, all of whom were accepted unconditionally by the ‘Father’. A seed is something in a potential state, so the seeds are each of us in the Absolute before Creation.

As Above, So Below

You are probably noticing the parallel between this concept of creation and birth. Birth takes place in the same way as the metaphor suggests. What is so in Truth has a parallel in Life. If you want to know something about Truth/God, and what It is, you can try looking for its parallel in Life (taking care not to expect its parallel to look exactly the same). You might be surprised at what you will learn … in any scripture of any tradition.Yoni - Sacred Womb

What is so in Truth
has a parallel in Life.

You now know that you have eyes because you can see, ears because you can hear, etc., and that you have a brain because you have a mind. It is not the other way around. It is the opposite of how you have been taught, but it is the Truth. Now that you know this, try looking at other teachings from this perspective and you will be amazed at what you find. 

Accepting Others

People generally want to be accepted by other people, but what they really want is to be accepted for what they really are by Real Others like themselves. It is this that drives them to seek acceptance within society.

To bring this about for ourselves, we are taught in scriptures to accept Others as the same as ourSelves … because they are. People are uniquely different from each other, but the Divine Individuals that they really are, are eternally the same. 

You may think that what you want is to be normal, but if you take these teachings seriously, you will not be normal. Others, who are used to going about things in the usual manner, will not appreciate your realizations.

Now that you understand this upside-down logic, you will be able to unravel a lot more from scriptures like this one, and make more discoveries, all of which will always be for your benefit, whether you are seeking Truth/God, or seeking to find acceptance among others and living a happier Life.

When you find bliss in God, you will find joy in Life.

Mother God with Child
Mother God

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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The Whole World Is One Family


The Energy of Emotion – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 18

The Power of Emotions

“Like the sun and the light of the sun are said to be beyond darkness, knowledge of the Object of Knowledge is beyond darkness. It (Brahman) dwells within the hearts of all.” — Bhagavad Gita Ch 13, Vs 18

Why not just say “light” instead of “beyond darkness”? This is one of those places in scripture where you are being called to look more deeply to find something that is otherwise hidden.

  • Brahman, Absolute God/Truth, is the object, or objective, of knowledge..
  • Heart (hṛidi) – ‘the heart in the body; the heart chakra as the seat of feelings, emotions, love; the core of the being’.

Now this impersonal-sounding God, Brahman, moves strongly into the personal, suggesting that even the coldest of seekers who seek God as abstract and impersonal, also come to know God in a personal way.

  • Love – The unconditional acceptance of one or more Divine Others as the same as oneSelf; the feeling experienced with this acceptance..
  • Feeling – The experience of emotion.

The Field of Emotion

We have discussed the Field as mind, and now we have discussed it as body, but we have not come upon a Field of Emotion.

Emotions 2What would a Field of Emotion look like? I think it would look like body, mind (etheric body) and feelings (astral body) seen together as a Field of Power. 

Emotions are a part of human embodiment as surely as arms or legs. As long as you have a body, you will have emotions. There is no getting around it. You can pretend that you are beyond such silly and inconvenient things as feelings, but you would lying to yourself. The power of emotion is so great that denying it is literally dangerous to your health. 
Emotions 3

The Energy of Emotion (prana-shakti) is in your body and extends beyond it. Your body and brain are surrounded and permeated with the Energy of Emotion. The Energy of Emotion is the intelligent Life Energy sustaining and maintaing your wellbeing … and functioning as emotion. This energy outside of the body is called Shakti, or spiritual power. As a human being, you are dealing with both. If you think you can skip it, you are wrong; it will not skip you
Emotions 8

This energy, which is crucial to attaining your primary Life Purpose, is stifled by suppression. It must have freedom if you are to have freedom. If it is free, it will deal with the body and take care of its needs—it will take care of you. Giving this energy complete freedom in your meditation is easy if you can give the body complete freedom, and visa versa.

Emotions 7It is important to become familiar with this form of the Life Energy and its movements. This can be done by using certain experiments and hip-pocket techniques that will enable you to know and become able to direct it. Your awareness of this energy, and the ability to notice its actions, is what you must accomplish in order to find and achieve your secondary Life Purpose. This purpose is ‘secondary’ because its success relies on your ‘primary’ purpose.

Your primary Life Purpose is God Realization.
Your secondary Life Purpose is unique to you.

Prana and Shakti

Unlike Prana alone, whose realm is the body, Prana-Shakti is both in the body and outside of the body. The emotional body (astral) is the only body that not only permeates the whole physical body, but also extends outside the body.


The natural home of Prana is in the heart, the core of the Being. This is the fourth chakra, which is within the world of Vishnu (from the diaphragm to the throat). Its purpose is to sustain and maintain the life and well-being of the body. It is called Shakti when operating outside the body.


Shakti is Prana outside of the body. It makes thing go. It is literally everywhere in nature, kick-starting every movement. It is called Prana when operating inside the body. 


EMPATHY 5Emotional Energy goes beyond the body and its environment. Its scope is unlimited. It can reach anyone anywhere and give you someone else’s experience. This is called empathy. It is important to understand that empathy and feelings are connected in this way—they both rely on the Life Energy functioning as the Energy of Emotion. When emotions are suppressed, Prana is suppressed. When emotion and Prana are suppressed, empathy is suppressed. Without empathy one becomes void of compassion

Just think of living in a world where there is no empathy, no compassion, but only active aggression. When aggression overpowers the empathy center in the brain, there will continue to be wars and rumors of wars.


Empathy demonstrates our omnipresence, our all-pervasiveness, which in turn demonstrates our oneness with God. In what it is that we really are (Divine Individuals) we are not located anywhere, we are everywhere. Empathy is the manifestation of this within embodied beings like us. This is the connectedness we hear about. But we are not really ‘connected’, we are in everyone.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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The Object of Knowledge – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 13-19

Cosmic Form 10

13 – 14
I shall now tell you about the Object of Knowledge. With this knowledge you can attain immortality. It is the beginningless Supreme Brahman, which is said to be neither existent nor non-existent, with hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, mouths and faces everywhere, and hearing everywhere in the world. Brahman surrounds all. 

  • Brahman – Absolute God/Truth.
  • The Object of Knowledge – Brahman (Absolute God) is the object, or objective, of Knowledge.
  • Beginningless Supreme Brahman (Absolute God), which is said to be neither existent nor non-existent  That which is not non-existent constitutes the Real.

“With hands and feet everywhere.” Lord Krishna is demonstrating that all the physical-material world is surrounded by Brahman, Absolute God. Not only the senses and their powers (i.e. ears and hearing, eyes and seeing), but the ‘organs of action’ as well (i.e. hands and feet).

“Everywhere” and “surrounds.”  By specifically suggesting the physical aspects of the senses and the mind, we are being reminded that, even though what we really are is not our bodies, Brahman is behind this physical-material phenomena that we all share as human beings. Now we wonder why this is so important to know, so we look at their functions:

  • hands – doing
  • feet – going
  • eyes – seeing
  • ears – hearing
  • mouths – speaking
  • heads – thinking

The five organs of perception, the five organs of action and the brain, have become manifest in the material world from powers we already have as Divine Individuals.

You have eyes because you can see, you have hands because you can act, you have a brain because you have a mind, and you have a mind because you have the ability to be conscious.

All these physical-material aspects of our bodies have functions that they perform. They all do something: The organs of sense, perceive. The organs of action, act. The mind knows, remembers and thinks. An now we are back to the eleven senses as physical manifestations: five organs of sense, five organs of action, and the brain.

The Sanskrit is sarva (all) āvṛitya (enclosing or hiding, and turning or cycling) and tiṣhṭhati (continuing). The meaning of this is that it is Brahman, Absolute God, that is hidden to us, and is behind the continuing cycles of this phenomenon we call Life and the World. Brahman is not making this happen; it spontaneously flows from the Absolute because of our relationship with each other.

As Beings, we are all going around in circles because Absolute God is hidden from us, and yet what is hidden, is hidden because of Absolute God. So what are we to do?

The very thing we are after is hiding itself from us by its being right here — it seems illusive but it is staring us in the face.

Cosmic Form 1

15  Even though It appears as the senses, It is devoid of senses. Indifferent to everything, It maintains everything, and although devoid of gunas, It experiences the gunas. 

Alternate translation:
It perceives sense objects without any senses, is not attached to anything even while maintaining everything, and though free of gunas, it rules the gunas.

Put like this, what we see is self-mastery: “You perceive sense objects without their organs, you are not attached to anything even while maintaining everything, and though you are free of the gunas, you rule the gunas (they no longer rule you).”

  • Gunas – the three modes, or qualities, of Nature that influence us: goodness (sattva), passion (rajas) and darkness (tamas).

16  It is inside and outside of all beings, whether moving or still. It is remote and also near, and It is incomprehensible because of its subtlety.

This is also true of You. You are in your body and outside it, and even in the bodies of other beings.

  • Subtlety – ‘so delicate or precise as to be difficult to comprehend; arranged in an ingenious and elaborate way.’

17  Maintaining and pervading beings, invisible and yet abiding in beings as if divided, It is the Object of Knowledge.  

As a Being, you seem to be separate from other Beings, but the Real You is not.

  • Object of Knowledge – the object, or objective, that ought to be known: Brahman, Absolute God.

18  Just as the sun and the light of the sun are said to be beyond darkness, it is the knowledge of the Object of Knowledge that is attainable through the True Knowledge residing in the hearts of all.

What you really are knows everything.

  • Heart – hṛidi, the heart as the seat of feelings and emotions, the interior, or core, of the being.

19  Thus is described in brief, the Field, Knowledge, and the Object of Knowledge. My devotee for whom this is realized, attains My state. 

Lord Krishna concludes this string of several verses by reminding us that this knowledge is the Highest Knowledge, and if we can grasp it, it will bring us into realization of, and identity with, His state. This state is what He called in the beginning of this chapter, Immortality.

  • My state – Lord Krishna’s state of divinity as Imperishable Absolute God, Absolute Goodness.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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“Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.” — Durga Ma

The Whole World Is One Family