The Absolute and the Relative

Everything is absolutely relative. 

Before we can even begin to try to comprehend God, Truth, our True Selves, and the final goal of our existence as Beings, we have to be able to comprehend the idea of one God and many Gods as not being a contradictory statement, but a reminder that we are divine individuals that have the same qualities as God, and though we are each unique in who we are, we are all the same in what we are. In our sameness, we are One.

There is only one God – Parabrahman

Parabrahman — Beyond-Brahman

All that is, is God. God in Its highest is absolute—unchanging, independent, incomparable, unrestricted in any way, and without beginning or end.

Because I transcend the perishable and am beyond the imperishable, I am known in sacred writings and in the world as the Supreme Absolute. —  Bhagavad Gita, Ch 15, vs 18

Because all that is is God, we are gods, merged in the blissful sea of the Absolute. As individual nonphysical entities, we have the ability to know each other.

There are many gods – Brahman

Brahman — Growth, expansion, evolution and development

All that is, is all of us and our relationship.

All that exists is a large specific number of nonphysical individuals, each of whom originates itself into a separate nonphysical state with regard to each nonphysical individual. — Charles Berner, The Lila Paradigm

Upon knowing one another, Creation becomes. Our relationship coexists with the ever-sustaining Absolute.

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and individual self-sense, are the eight parts of my relative nature. Such is My inferior nature. But know this as different from My highest absolute existence by which this world is sustained. — Bhagavad Gita, Ch 7, vs 4 – 5

Who and What You Really Are

You exist and have the ability to be self-aware. As a divine individual, you are the one that you are. This is “who” you are.

You have the ability to know another or not—a different one than you in “who” it is, but the same as you in “what” it is. You have the ability to be conscious. In knowing another, you have exercised this ability. So now there is you with a view point (purusha, god) and there is other-than-you (prakriti, goddess), which you view, or know.

Goddess Shakti

In Eastern cosmology, power and energy are female. Shakti is the all-powerful, all-pervading energy of the universe that makes things happen.

Shakti in a body is called prana. Prana is the life force, or life energy. In this role, Goddess Shakti keeps you alive and well. She can even keep you alive indefinitely. She is, after all, God.

The prehistoric cult of the mother goddess can be found in all religions, some latent, ready to spring forth. Some of the peoples who came to be integrated into the Hindu fold had always worshiped the Divine Mother. Among the Shaktas, who are the worshipers of the goddess, the source of existence, considered female, is the main representation of divinity. God is woman. — From The Myths and Gods of India, by Alain Danielou.

For those who seek pleasure or those who seek liberation, the worship of the all-powerful Goddess is essential. She is the knowledge-of-the-Immensity; she is the mother of the universe, pervading the whole world. — Karapatri’s Sri Bhagavati Tattva


You are a god (Absolute) in a body made of God, being human (Relative).

Being human evolved as a result of your choice to know another. You are currently at a point in which you are lugging around in the confines of a body, with activity, a mind, energy, feelings, personality, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, etc. What evolved was all of this. YOU do not evolve; the Real You is Absolute and ever the same.


In Surrender Meditation you surrender to that-which-is-divine-that-is-other-than-you. You surrender to Goddess. God (you) and Goddess (other than you) are naturally drawn to the highest union. If you can let this union take place, you will go home to the blissful sea that is your natural state. It may come in small doses at first, but it grows.

As humans, everything we perceive, we perceive through one or more of our senses, and Goddess becomes Mother Nature, or illusion (maya), which simply means that, although the stuff of life is something, it isn’t what it seems.

In surrender sadhana there comes a time when the senses spontaneously withdraw and one experiences Truth directly. When this has happened to you, you will be enchanted, seduced, hooked. And it can happen fairly early on.

The path of surrender is for this purpose: the union of You and Goddess, You and God, your natural state to which you are drawn to return. The only difference between your original state and returning to that state is that you will return with full awareness in the bliss, the joy, that is present within you right now: “The kingdom of God is within.”

Jaya Ma! (Victory to Goddess!),
Durga Ma

The Dharma of Karma 1 – Divine Law

When someone says to me, “Everything is perfect, everything is just as it should be”, I nearly always respond with some smart-crack like, “Tell that to the ninety-five percent of humanity that is either hungry or being tortured”.  But what I have left unspoken in this statement is that what is perfect, and working perfectly at all times, is Divine Law.

Divine Law

The Sanskrit word for Divine Law is dharma, the way things really are in the Absolute, and the way things work in relative realm of this world. The main features of Divine Law are cause and effect and a few fundamental principles.

Acting harmoniously with Divine Law
is ‘obedience’ to God.

The principles of Divine Law, yama niyama (Ten Keys to Success), are descriptive of Truth, God, Spirit, the Absolute, and You as you really are. Knowing what these principles are and having a good understanding of them provides the knowledge necessary for making good choices in life. When your choices are in harmony with the principles of Divine Law, your life goes more smoothly, you experience more happiness, and the law of cause and effect works in your favor.

Cause and Effect – Karma

Every action has an equal and opposite re-action.

The choices you make govern the nature of your actions. Whether your choices are made consciously or not, when your choices are in harmony with Divine Law you will act in harmony with Divine Law. When you act in harmony with Divine Law, your life goes better and you don’t get negative re-actions (“bad karma”).

The law of cause and effect (karma) is consistently perfect
in its role with Divine Law (dharma).

As our karma plays out, we sometimes have difficulty recognizing what is going on in our lives and why—the “equal and opposite reaction” is often not what we would expect. When a ball is thrown against a wall and it bounces back, it doesn’t bounce back to the same exact place from which it was thrown. Similarly, when our actions come back around to us, they may not take the expected form. For example, a teacher once briefly touched his disciple’s shoulder with a hot coal to prevent him from dying in a fire as his karma would otherwise have dictated.

An Illustrative Story About Mary

Mary had a very difficult childhood and grew up with some very limiting and debilitating conditioning. She was consistently defeated on the cusp of success at every turn, no matter to what the success was related. She was painfully sensitive, not only in a general way, but to the pain and struggles of others everywhere in the world. And she had a very morose dark side that never made any sense to her because she was a “good person”. Mary wondered, if she was really was a good person, why so many bad things kept happening to her.

She went to one therapist after another who always took her back to her childhood and the inappropriate things her parents did to her. For a while, this made her very angry with her parents for destroying any chance of happiness in her life, but because she was sensitive she understood why they had acted as they had. What she didn’t understand was why she had these parents. Surely this must mean that she was fundamentally bad. But Mary didn’t really believe that anyone was fundamentally bad, so this remained a mystery to her.

Then one day she had a breakthrough. It arrived upon waking before any thinking had the opportunity to assert itself, and charged her with enormous energy and insight.

The insight made her weep.

With a bang, Mary realized that she had been placed with these particular parents to prevent the resurfacing of specific propensities of another lifetime. She wasn’t being punished—suffering hadn’t been the point—and she wasn’t bad. The parents she had and the traumas she had endured had made her the very opposite of the person she had been in that other life—an opposite re-action that neutralized negative karma created in that lifetime.

Once Mary’s breakthrough had taken root, she experienced genuine relief, and more and more connections began to surface to reveal the amazing accuracy and perfection of Divine Law and the law of cause and effect.

° ° ° ° °

Mary is currently enjoying contemplating the probability that this karma has been completely cancelled, and is looking forward to positive changes in her life.

Durga Ma

° ° ° ° °

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Sahaja Yoga

Uplift the world and her people from conflict and suffering, UPLIFT YOURSELF !

This statement is not just a sentiment or an opinion. It should be obvious that we are all connected. If you accept that you are created in the image of God, you are Its own likeness, just as we all are, so how could it be otherwise?

To improve the world by improving ourselves, it is vital that we each pursue a means of attaining union, communion, with God, Truth, the Divine, directly. In doing so, we will affect everyone else and help to bring everyone forward to their natural state of perfection, goodness and joy, for what one of us does inevitably affects everyone else. Our own individual endeavors, scientifically and experientially proven to get us there, will have contributed not only to our own fulfillment but to the victory of peace, enlightenment and paradise on Earth for every living being. The following is one such established means:

Sahaja Yoga   

We have had discussions on Hatha Yoga (sun-moon union) and Raja Yoga (royal union) and their results, including special powers and liberation from the cycles of birth and death. The subject of this and the next few installments concerns one means, one special practice, that handles everything you have read here on these subjects, in a simple and easy way that is natural to everyone.

Sahaja Yoga (natural union) has long been used as one of the names of the natural sadhana (practice) of shaktipat kundalini yoga. The name is descriptive: Sahaja Yoga is a natural means of bringing one into union with Truth, God, the Divine, and the direct experience of individual divinity. By natural, I don’t mean trees and grass, but something that is inherent to you, and therefore effortless. Being natural to you, it is fast, efficient and uncomplicated.

Sahaja Yoga is so simple in fact, that it has a way of aggravating the mind into trying to figure out and understand the obvious. The next few entries are meant to give you enough information about this practice to get your mind to take a rest, to help you to determine if this practice is of interest to you, and if so, how to go about it.

Durga Ma

Sahaja = natural, “produced together or at the same time; innate, hereditary, natural; always the same as from the beginning; natural state or disposition.”

Sa = junction, conjunction, similarity, equality; with, together or along with

Ha = a form of Shiva, Lakulisha

Saha = powerful, mighty, overcoming, able, capable of; together with, along with

Ja = swift, victorious; born or descended from, produced or caused by, connected with, peculiar to

Yoga = union; the act of yoking together, joining; remedy, means, undertaking. From yuj, to yoke together + ghan, auspicious, fortunate.

List of installments on Sahaja Yoga

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