Kundalini Made Simple

If words like kundalini bother you, forget it. Try this instead:

You are alive because of a force that dwells within your body. This force is a force of nature and is present in all living things. Its job is life. Its job in your own body is to keep your body alive and well. When this force leaves the body, it is called “death”. The Sanskrit word for this force is prana, but to keep things simple, we can call it the Life Force.

Kundalini is the Life Force in your body on a mission. That mission is evolution. The Life Force’s job is to keep you alive and well, but when it acts in an evolutionary capacity, it is called kundalini. So think of kundalini as the Evolutionary Force whose job is the evolution not of You (you’re already perfect), but the evolution of what you are being to what you’re really like (i.e., perfect).

I have used the word ‘force’ to give the sense of a natural force in the same way that gravity is a natural force. But we could also call the Life Force and the Evolutionary Force, Life Energy and Evolutionary Energy, since energy is the way they manifest. So either way works.

But I’ve put the cart before the horse. What is this shakti that everyone is going on about?

These forces, or energies, outside of the body are called shakti. Shakti is not different than the Life Force in what it is, but it is different in what it does, so we give it another name because it performs a different function. The Life Force and the Evolutionary Force are shakti performing different jobs within your body.

It is shakti that makes things happen. Shakti is the Divine “Go-power”. We could call shakti Divine Energy (“Divine Force” just sounds awkward) because it is the first manifestation of the Divine. So it would be fair to say that shakti, Divine Energy, is God, and therefore so are the Life Force and the Evolutionary Force.

So what is shaktipat, then? Shaktipat means “shakti-giving”. Shaktipat is the transmission of Divine Energy from one person to another, or directly from God (the Divine) to you. Another name for shakti that you may be more familiar with is Holy Spirit.

Shakti, Divine Energy, the Divine Go-Power, can be transmitted from another individual to you by means of thought, sound, touch, or sight. If I were to transmit shakti to you right now, that force, that Divine Energy, would flow between us, closing the gap between what I am and what you are, by my candle lighting your candle. What the Divine Energy gets going when this happens is spontaneous meditation and the activation of the Evolutionary Force—which you will have heard of as the awakening of kundalini—in your own body.

Now, is all this as clear as a bell? Good! Because there will be more on this subject coming up soon.

I will end now because I am distracted by my neighbor who is having Christian singing kriyas and I am loath to bother her about it and interfere with her devotions……