The Self is the Same in All Beings – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 27-31

Spontaneous Creation - Shakti

The Self is the Same In All Beings

Know that anything that comes into being, whether standing still or moving, exists due to the union of the Field and the Field Knower.

“The union of the Field and the Field Knower” is a reference to a previous verse in which the Field Knower is said to be the Real You (a Divine Individual, purusha), and the Field is said to be the body (Nature, prakriti).

It is fair to say that both Prakriti and Purusha are God. All Divine Individuals are God. All of Us are God as both Purusha and Prakriti, the Seer and the Seen. We are each who we are as Individuals who can know, or see, Others like ourSelves. And we are each Individuals who can be known, or seen, by Others like ourSelves. All that truly exists is Us — All Is God.

To understand this, you must consider it in the context of The Absolute, that Reality in which there are no mirages, no things, and nothing going on but eternal bliss — imperishable Us in our natural state of divinity, eternal happiness and joy. From this Absolute God came spontaneous Creation. And so it is said, “All Is God.” 

In the Absolute before Creation, once we each became aware of our existence, it was inevitable that we consider the possibility that we were not the only ones in existence. The process of making this discovery is the first cause of Creation, and is the first cause of our Liberation now. Now we must follow the string we unrolled behind us, back the way we came. When we finally get Home, one thing will be different: we will be conscious of it all. We will be conscious of our True Selves, and our relationship with eachOther, existing in mutual Eternal Love and Happiness. Because this is our Natural State.

Spontaneous Creation 1When in The Absolute (before Creation) you perceived Another, you might either have accepted this Other or not. 

Your first acceptance of Another Individual who also accepted You, united You with that Other. This first Other that you accepted is called IshvaraThis union brought about your coming into Being. There is no identifiable difference between you and Ishvara, and yet your sense-of-self is singular (asmita, ‘I am’).

The subtle, intuitive sense of this truth is what is behind your pursuit of a loving relationship in your life, a soul-mate if you will. One expects to find that divine one here on Earth, but it is already found. This divine one is within you as the witness experiencing everything, when all the while you have believed this to be you.

I am That I am

One who sees that Great Ishvara as the same in all beings, imperishable among the perishable, truly sees.

The Field & the Field Knower - The Embodied One & the Being“One who sees that Great Ishvara as the same in all beings”
You see that everyone in a body is in the same situation as you: This Great Ishvara is the first Divine Individual in the Absolute that you accepted as the same as you, and who has also accepted you. Both are equally unlimited in their presence. This situation is the same for all embodied beings.  

“Imperishable among the perishable” refers to You and your Ishvara as you really are: Divine Individuals that are imperishable, living as One Being that is perishable.

When you see that WHAT you really are is a Divine Imperishable Individual residing in a body, and that this situation with Ishvara is the same for all of us, you see Truly.

Every Divine Individual is an individual just like You.

Seeing this Great Ishvara as the same in everyone, one does not degrade himself and reaches the Highest State.

When you harm or degrade yourself, hurt or put yourself down, you do the same to Ishvara. Now remember who this is, and you will see how important it is that you become enlightened about this situation, so that you never harm or degrade yourself in any way. Ishvara, whom you love, is your ‘witness within’ who experiences everything you experience, and will also experience any harm you do to yourself or others. 

Our attention is being called to how degrading or harming ouselves affects everyone else. Both you and Ishvara are also present in everyone else, so what you do affects not only Ishvara, but everyone else as well. By knowing and understanding this, you can reach the Highest State, the basis of which is the first Universal Spiritual Principle (the first yama), ahimsa — harmlessness toward all beings, including yourself, physically, mentally (not bearing malice) and emotionally (through speech). In this Highest State, one knows the Self to be the same in all Beings.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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Sanatana Dharma, the Way of Eternal Truth

The Field and the Field Knower – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 8-11

The Field & the Field Knower - The Embodied One & the Being

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The Field and the Field Knower

God is both Absolute and Relative:

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and the sense of self as the doer of action, are the eight parts of my Relative nature. Such is My inferior nature. But know this as different from My highest Absolute existence by which this world is sustained. — Bhagavad Gita, Ch 7, vs 4 – 5

When we talk about the Field, we are talking about the Relative, which covers everything we know of this life and this world. It is all Mother God, Prakriti, Other-than-You, Nature. The nature of this Relative Realm is duality in multiple layers.

There are many gods.

When we talk about the Field Knower, we are talking about the Absolute, which covers all of us as Divine Absolute Imperishable Individuals who have taken residence in material bodies. This is Father God, Purusha, the Embodied One (You), Spirit. The nature of the Absolute God is singular and unchanging.

There is only one God.

At the beginning of this chapter, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “I consider knowledge of the Field (the world of the body) and the Field Knower (the Real You) to be True Knowledge.” 

You are a god in a body made of God being human.

He also says, “I am the Knower of the Field in all Fields.” So now we are going to hear what He is really like and how this emerges within us as we master the following characteristics.

Verses 8-11 (My input is in parentheses):

(8) Absence of pride (humility), sincerity (honesty), harmlessness (non-violence), forgiveness (liberation), simplicity (effortlessness), service to the Guru (giver of the grace of knowledge and practice), purity (clearness), perseverance (firmness and persistence) and self-control (self-discipline).

(9) Renunciation (letting go of) of sense objects (desires and attachments), non-doership (acting without doing), and realization of the evils and faults of birth, disease, old age and death (you know these to be flawed characteristics of human existence, for they do not conform to the Truth of what you really are).

(10) Indifference (to worldly attractions), non-attachment to spouse, children and home (by which one also becomes better at managing these), and always even-minded amidst the desirable and undesirable (you are neither eager nor upset in these situations).

(11) With no desire for mundane society but having an inclination for solitary places, he practices uniting with Me exclusively, with unfailing devotion.

Solitary places suggests complete privacy for practicing yoga (uniting). Or, for some, this might mean taking time everyday to be alone to meditate. If you are seeking liberation, you should live alone in a quiet place, or with others on the same path as you, but even then, your own living quarters where you will practice, should be for you only.

An aversion to mundane society means that you aren’t a party goer any more, you don’t hang out in over-stimulating places, and you choose your friends and company carefully. You are interested only in being with others who are doing what you are doing. If you are seeking liberation, you will want to avoid unnecessary interaction with most of society (most of society is not interested in liberation and will not be like-minded).

These are the things we need to do in order to live in sync with our True Selves. They are characteristics of us as Divine Individuals who have become embodied in order to do this.

Practical Knowing

Remember that the Field Knower is also the witness within each of us, and that this witness is not only God, but our very Selves.

We are reminded that there are things to do, things we have to learn and practice in order to make genuine progress. These verses show us that instant gratification handed to us by someone else is not useful. We all have work to do. So how do we go about it?

Here is a practice that you can do in your everyday life that won’t take any extra time out of your day:

1. First, copy the above characteristics into your journal as a list, and cross out the ones you think you are already good at (do this in such a way that you can still read them).   

2. Contemplate these good characteristics. You will be surprised at how good you already are with some of them.

3. Now select one of your weaker charactersistics. Pay attention to this quality in your everyday life. Don’t judge yourself, just notice, and see if you can get a little better at it. Do this for a few days before you move on to another of your weaker qualities until you have completed the list.

4. Then go through steps 2 and 3 again and again until you come to understand them better. You will now have built an auto-pilot that will cause you to notice when you need to cultivate necessary changes. 

All of the divine characteristics listed in these verses also represent the Real You living as a human being in everyday life. Living and acting in harmony with them, your Real Self will begin to emerge. This is the key to a good life, happiness, contentment and success in your endeavors.

Living in harmony with your Real Self puts you in an excellent position to finally achieve Self Realization, for your can’t become Self Realized if you are not self-realized. This study of the self and the Self is called svadhyaya, the fourth niyama. Mastery of this niyama will bring about certain siddhis (powers).

“Self Realization is God Realization and God Realization is Self Realization.” — Anandamayi Ma 

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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“Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.” — Durga Ma

The Whole World Is One Family