To Hell in a Hand Basket, Bhagavad Gita, Ch 16, Vs 12 – 19

Hell in a Handbasket

Bound by hundreds of desires driven by lust and anger, the Demonic strive to accumulate hoards of wealth by any means, all for the gratification of their own desires. 

“By any means” also means, “by unjust means.”

12 – 15
“I have acquired so much wealth today so I will now fulfill these desires of mine. All this is mine, and tomorrow I shall have more. I have slain that enemy and I shall slay others, also. I am God. I am the Enjoyer. I am Powerful. I am Happy. I am rich and highborn. Who is equal to me? I will perform sacrifice, give alms, and rejoice!” So say those deluded by ignorance.

This is a look into the minds and self-talk of the ‘demonic’.

16 – 17
Beset by this net of illusions and many confused imaginings, and addicted to sensual pleasures, they descend to a foul hell of torment. Self-conceited and obstinate, full of pride and arrogance for all their wealth, they perform ostentatious sacrifices in name only, with no regard for scriptural injunctions.

“A foul hell of torment” refers to the end result. It also means, ‘inferior states of existence’, which is where this kind of person finds himself here in this life, or in the next.

18 – 19
Blinded by egoism, power, arrogance, desire and anger, the demonic hate Me in their own bodies and in the bodies of others. These hateful, cruel and vile men, I hurl again and again into the cycles of rebirth and demonic forms of existences secured at birth.

“The demonic hate Me” also means “the demonic abuse Me.”

ArrivalBecause of their demonic natures, their lives and deaths are inauspicious. Returning after death, this brings them into situations with unfortunate families of evil people, where they will reap what they have sown.

Some of demonic natures who are not overtly hateful, cruel and vile, take the form of a kind of shallow apathy. They have no real interest in others, the planet, the lives of people or innocent creatures. They say, “There’s nothing we can do about it. We just have to accept these things.” Instead, they indulge in a morass of “many confused imaginings.” Looking for something to do, and trying to make themselves feel something, they seek experiences provided by other people, or they become addicted to sensual pleasures. They are dead inside. Their idea of “deep” is completely superficial and produces nothing of value or merit.

“Let the dead bury the dead.” —  Lord Jesus

The Way of the World in the Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga – the darkest of the four ages

This is the way of our world today. With all the positive things our technology has brought us, it has come at a huge price — an overall disinterest in anything other than self. I have noticed this even with my posts. When a title has the word “self” in it, there are more viewers. When a title has the word “God” in it, there are few.

People seem to be enamored with themselves. We are supposedly adults, but we are really only two years old — with two year old emotions and behaviors (i.e., all or nothing, black or white, etc.). We bonk the other kid over the head who tries to play in our sandbox, and we think we’re hot stuff. We are small children in big bodies. We must grow up. We must grow into our adult bodies and become the mature adults we were meant to be. 

If you think I am just being some kind of religious zealot, think again. I challenge you to look at what is going on around you, and in the world, with an objective eye. Just watch, notice, pay attention, and you will see it, too. And once you have seen it, you will be shocked to the core, and motivated to grow more — for your own sake, and for the sake of everyone else — and be welcomed into the fellowship of those who have seen what you have seen.  

This observation should not be taken up with judgement, or with efforts to change other people. Your own forward growth and enlightenment will take care of them. Free and conscious choice is a power that exists within each person, and should never be violated. To violate this, even with good intentions, can only send us backward. 

There is only one thing you can do to help: Upgrade your present commitment to improve your life (no matter how great it is now), increase your spiritual knowledge and practice and advance yourself.

Everything you do affects everyone else. 

Please enjoy this very good read:  “Gita: The Unparalleled Manual of Social Harmony” by Ved Prakash Saxena.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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The Whole World Is One Family


What You Do Affects the World – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 12, Vs 15

Love the World

The Bhagavad Gita appears in the story of the Mahabharata. It is a conversation between Lord Krishna and his devotee and childhood friend, Arjuna. Listening in, we receive the teachings of Lord Krishna as He relates them to Arjuna.

Improve Yourself and Improve the World

Lord Krishna is speaking:

One who does not afflict the world, and who is not afflicted by the world, who is free of like and dislike, fear and distress, is dear to Me.

Love the World

Alternate translation:
One who is not involved with like and dislike suffers no fear or sorrow. Thus unafflicted, one does not afflict the world. 

One who is intent on acquiring what they like and avoiding what they don’t like, is subject to fear and loss, thus afflicing the whole world and everyone in it.

What we do affects everyone, and what others do affects us. We don’t like to go down this road because it means responsibility, and we are trying to get out from under that burden. But we are just going to have to bite the bullet on this one, and accept it. There is nothing you can do about being connected with everyone, but you can do something about the effects.

What we do affects everyone, and what others do affects us.  

The New American Dream

It is popular these days, even trendy, to buy only the things that provide convenience and do everything for us. This has unfortunately spilled over into the spiritual community. It is the new American Dream of the spiritually inclined. We want to go to someone who will give us an experience so that we don’t have to do anything or bother with learning anything. We’re done. Now maybe we will become teachers ourselves, and make a little extra money, or maybe even a lot of money. Surely you can see the contradiction here:

Teach with a blank board

Teachers who haven’t learned have nothing to teach.

Also, teachers who have not had considerable experience cannot give you an experience that will be useful to you. Any genuine teacher who has experienced what they teach in their own practice, is not going to sell experiences, paid or free. Although they may have the ability to do this, they will not use it. It will be up to you to be sincerely seeking God/Truth, to be willing to be taught and completely open to this teacher. You must be willing to take a chance. Truth does not come to the faint of heart, the spiritual coward, or to one who avoids learning and practice.

Spiritual development is like anything else:
If you want to advance spiritually and improve your life, you must acquire correct knowledge and put it into practice.

Chasing the American Dream is a losing battle. Few ever find it. Most find its opposite, even when it looks good from the outside. You have gone through many lifetimes by now, so how can you expect that advancement will be instantaneous?

If you just keep doing the same thing over and over again, all you can expect is the same thing.

After all this time, it is preposterous to think that you can suddenly do everything in one fell swoop. If you are trying to jump the gun by finding some spiritual charismatic who will give you an experience, you are not making progress. By not making progress, you are afflicting the entire world and beyond. You are not only not helping yourself, but you are holding everyone else back.

Improving and advancing yourself and your life cannot succeed without spiritual improvement and advancement.

Many years ago, I heard a fellow talk on this subject (he was a very funny guy). He referred to this false dream of happiness as “eat, sleep, mate and defend.” He was saying that this applies to everyone who isn’t sincerely seeking with the willingness to learn, and to practice what is learned. Yet people continue to struggle to get what they want and avoid what they don’t want. They are always in a state of fear, loss, stress and distress. This is a constant in most people’s lives.

Rising above this should be of interest to everyone, but alas, everyone seems to be looking for someone to do it for them. So they continue to eat, sleep, mate and defend, accepting what they shouldn’t and not accepting what they should. They lie to themselves with constant denial saying they are happy when it is obvious (to everyone else) that they are not. Everyone else criticizes them behind their backs while their own suffering continues disguised as happiness. And neither they nor the world are benefited. 

This is a sad state of affairs, especially when the remedy for all this suffering is so simple

Desire fulfilled

As long as you are invested in what comes your way, you are susceptible to misery and suffering. But in a state of equanimity you experience contentment instead, and you not only benefit yourself, you benefit the entire world and everyone in it. 

The whole world is one family.

The key to accomplishing this contented state is in the words, “free of like and dislike.” Whatever the object of like or dislike may be, it boils down to desire: If you like it, you probably want it (or want to keep it); if you don’t like it, this amounts to a negative desire to not have it (or keep it). It doesn’t matter if the desire is for a person, a thing, a thought, a feeling or a sensation. It applies everywhere. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t experience like and dislike, fear and anxiety. But through meditation practiced correctly, we will find that the things that produce these states don’t matter so much anymore, and the rug will be pulled right out from underneath them. Their effects will gradually be mitigated until we become unmoved by them altogether. Finally, we will experience genuine happiness and fulfillment. Understood in this way, the obvious conclusion is…

It is not the desire that is the problem, but your attachment to it.

Desire fulfilledYou get attached to your desires because you think that fulfilling them will bring you happiness. This was Arjuna’s position in chapter one, and what Lord Krishna is spending another seventeen chapters trying to correct. This kind of happiness never lasts. It keeps you locked in a cycle of constantly trying to fulfill desires in order to be happy, and you remain stressed and overburdened. Here are some ideas for you to contemplate that may be helpful to you in letting these attachments go:   

Desire is an affirmation of lack.

A desire affirms that you do not have the thing you want and keeps it at bay.

When you can give it up, it will come to you.

There is always more.

If you are ready to get behind this idea and put it to work for yourself (and the rest of us), please read the message below. The pilot of this voyage is Anandi, a long time student of mine.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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