Final Liberation

Durga porch
Devi Durga Ma at Nature’s Gate Retreat Center in upstate NY June, 2019

On Summer Solstice, Friday June 21st our beloved Devi Durga Ma entered mahasamadhi (final liberation). The world has lost a spiritual giant, whose life will silently live in the eternity of our hearts working tirelessly for our own Liberation through the power of love.

When a Self-Realized Master of yoga leaves the physical plane of existence, it is never a small matter. In the moments just before Durga Ma entered into the breathless state, a sudden storm came through briefly enough to gain our attention and reveal a full rainbow stretching itself across the property of Nature’s Gate. I invite and encourage you to allow yourself to experience the gifts she left for each of us, in our memories, minds, and hearts.

In many ways she is more available to us now then ever before, but we feel the deep grief of loosing this magnificent being from our physical worldly life. It is with firm conviction and a heart sunk with the gratitude of a million suns that I can understand and appreciate the value of a guru in physical form.

There is much ahead for all of us that Durga Ma planted in expectant joy to unravel and discover. Before it can bloom we are taking the opportunity, and a few months to go deep into the experience of being with, and receiving the teachings of a great soul, to be sure that her mission (to restore the worship of the Divine Feminine) is revealed in a way that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Durga Ma was sure that her work, and this sadhana would be continued in her absence. At her request, I have agreed to receive her students and questions with the understanding that  I will maintain the guru lineage of shaktipat kundalini yoga and continue with traditional shaktipat kundalini yoga initiations for future students. It is my greatest honor in life, and although she saw something in me that I have yet to be convinced of myself, I accept this tremendous gift with an open heart. May I, in some way be fit to offer you even an ounce of the love, wisdom, and patience she gave me from the moment I met her.

I am eternally grateful for the grace of my guru, the last guru, Devi Durga Ma. 1008 pranams at your holy lotus feet, may you dance in the infinite bliss of the Absolute and may we never forget your love in the heart of our souls as the spark of Truth which guides us home.

Jaya Bhagavan (victory to God)!

With Boundless Love,


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Shaktipat – What to Expect

Your shaktipat initiation experience depends on your own preparedness, your own karma, and the degree to which you are able to surrender. Of these three, your surrender is the most important.

For anyone thinking of taking shaktipat diksha, there are two subjects to consider: yourself, and the one giving diksha (initiation). The subject of yourself concerns your own preparedness. The subject of the teacher giving initiation concerns that person’s level as a teacher. Not all gurus can give shaktipat. Of those who can, there is the question of where they are in their own sadhana, or whether they are beyond sadhana altogether.

The Guru Gita tells us that there are seven kinds of teachers. The highest of these is the paramguru. The paramguru is beyond sadhana. Someone who has completed sadhana has all the superhuman powers, has cheated death and is an immortal. Shaktipat diksha from such a guru can indeed give you direct experience. But even if you could find a genuine paramguru, which is unlikely, a paramguru will not give you initiation just because you ask for it.

To receive shaktipat diksha from a paramguru, you would have to have undergone a good deal of sadhana yourself to be prepared for diksha from such a one. This involves more time than most Westerners are willing to give. We want everything yesterday. We want it now, and we don’t want to have to give or to do anything to get it. This is just not going to happen with a paramguru. This is not because the paramguru doesn’t want you to become initiated. It is for your own protection. You must be very ready for diksha from a paramguru. What would happen if you weren’t? Your nervous system would not be able to handle it any more that your body would be able to handle getting plugged into an electrical power station.

With a guru who is not a paramguru, you may also have direct experience, but it is beyond the guru’s control to determine this, or to determine what you experience during diksha at all, as experiences will vary from person to person.

Through the many communications I have had from people who have taken, or were about to take, shaktipat diksha, I have come to realize that there is a trend in what people expect from this initiation. There is a general assumption that shaktipat will give a person samadhi, full enlightenment, self-realization, vision of God, or at the very least, that their kundalini will instantly awaken. But this is not necessarily so.

I am not a paramguru, so I cannot predict what will happen for you during your initiation. I can only give you examples of what I have known other initiates to have experienced. Whether or not you have any of these experiences, or have entirely different experiences, is between you and Shakti. What you experience with diksha from Durga Ma will depend on your own readiness, your own karma, and the degree of your surrender.

In the past I have not talked much about this. I didn’t want anything I said to cause anyone to wonder if what happened during their initiation was because of something they had heard from me; I didn’t want them to doubt their experiences. Now I feel that more knowledge may actually increase one’s surrender. The greater the surrender, the greater the odds for experiencing the workings of shakti or having a direct experience of God or Self.

Your surrender will automatically increase to the degree that you are
willing to let go of all preconceived ideas and expectations,
and accept what does or doesn’t happen
as shakti working in your best interest at that time.
As you continue with the practice of Surrrender Meditation,
shakti will continue to bring you closer to the goal.

You can read about some of the experiences of initiates here. On the side menu of this page are more articles about shaktipat and a link for applying for shaktipat with Durga Ma, if you are so inclined.

Durga Ma

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Sahaja Yoga begins with shaktipat. Shaktipat means shakti-giving, and is often translated as ‘initiation’ as it is shakti, the activating force of nature, that initiates any and all action.

Shakti is Divine Energy, the go-power in nature, the animator, the primordial power that makes things happen. Shaktipat allows for the bound life energy in the body to be released and set free. Depending upon the preparedness of the initiate, once this energy released, shakti initiates spontaneous meditation and awakens the evolutionary force, kundalini, naturally.

Sahaja Yoga Sadhana

The transmission of shakti by an empowered teacher is often likened to lighting one candle with another candle. Today, the opportunities for taking shaktipat diksha (initiation) have increased, but often the initiate does not have the necessary information for what follows and the fire goes out, the honeymoon is over.

Rather than just giving diksha, I believe that it is vital to provide initiates with the knowledge of what to do with it, to understand the practice that follows initiation, so that Shakti does not return to dormancy. We call this practice, Sahaja Yoga. By any name, this is the original, authentic sadhana of ancient masters, the key to making the fullest use of shaktipat diksha. Through it, the initiate will have the means of allowing Shakti the freedom to act according to Her own divine intelligence and to bring about spontaneous meditation, natural kundalini awakening and spiritual evolution.

Sahaja Yoga sadhana is spontaneous and experiential; it does not require the use of any technique on your part. It is its own technique. Knowing what to surrender and what to surrender it to is all there is to it. The only discipline involved is getting yourself into the meditation room on a regular basis. Beyond that, trust God, trust Shakti. Yes, it really is that simple.

Sahaja Yoga has been lovingly called “The Shakti Jet,” as it propels one forward a thousand times faster than other means in which the use of techniques quell the freedom of shakti and the life energy.

Do I Need Shaktipat From Durga Ma?

No, you don’t. You don’t need to get shaktipat from anyone. Shakti is everywhere. Shakti can be ignited through physical exercise, dance, deep study and concentration on your art, your science or your skill, by understanding Truth, though loving devotion to God and guru (teacher), or through transmission by a shaktipat teacher.

The benefit of taking this initiation from a shaktipat teacher is to forge a relationship with someone qualified to guide you from that point. You can either boot-strap your own way or use a teacher qualified to initiate and to guide you.

Getting Started

If you have an interest in pursuing Sahaja Yoga, the link below will take you to more information.

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