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Greetings from Atmajyoti,

Durga Ma’s Onion is a mission Ma began years ago after Swami Kripalu stated his wish that a place in the continental United States be created where people could come to practice this particular form of sadhana. I have now joined in this mission and it is the ultimate goal of the SKY Foundation to bring this community to fruition. A place where people can live, visit or retreat for spiritual counsel and practice. A fully functioning community living in alignment with our true nature, providing a haven for others who also want to live this way with the support and guidance of a authentic spiritual master and teachers committed to the awakening of their students and the world.

This is a really exciting time! We are on the threshold of creating something amazing that will potentially grow and serve others long after we have left this life. First we need to secure Durga Ma financially while we build the foundation and move forward with our plans… Read more>>>

The Absolute and the Relative

Everything is absolutely relative. 

Before we can even begin to try to comprehend God, Truth, our True Selves, and the final goal of our existence as Beings, we have to be able to comprehend the idea of one God and many Gods as not being a contradictory statement, but a reminder that we are divine individuals that have the same qualities as God, and though we are each unique in who we are, we are all the same in what we are. In our sameness, we are One.

There is only one God – Parabrahman

Parabrahman — Beyond-Brahman

All that is, is God. God in Its highest is absolute—unchanging, independent, incomparable, unrestricted in any way, and without beginning or end.

Because I transcend the perishable and am beyond the imperishable, I am known in sacred writings and in the world as the Supreme Absolute. —  Bhagavad Gita, Ch 15, vs 18

Because all that is is God, we are gods, merged in the blissful sea of the Absolute. As individual nonphysical entities, we have the ability to know each other.

There are many gods – Brahman

Brahman — Growth, expansion, evolution and development

All that is, is all of us and our relationship.

All that exists is a large specific number of nonphysical individuals, each of whom originates itself into a separate nonphysical state with regard to each nonphysical individual. — Charles Berner, The Lila Paradigm

Upon knowing one another, Creation becomes. Our relationship coexists with the ever-sustaining Absolute.

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and individual self-sense, are the eight parts of my relative nature. Such is My inferior nature. But know this as different from My highest absolute existence by which this world is sustained. — Bhagavad Gita, Ch 7, vs 4 – 5

Who and What You Really Are

You exist and have the ability to be self-aware. As a divine individual, you are the one that you are. This is “who” you are.

You have the ability to know another or not—a different one than you in “who” it is, but the same as you in “what” it is. You have the ability to be conscious. In knowing another, you have exercised this ability. So now there is you with a view point (purusha, god) and there is other-than-you (prakriti, goddess), which you view, or know.

Goddess Shakti

In Eastern cosmology, power and energy are female. Shakti is the all-powerful, all-pervading energy of the universe that makes things happen.

Shakti in a body is called prana. Prana is the life force, or life energy. In this role, Goddess Shakti keeps you alive and well. She can even keep you alive indefinitely. She is, after all, God.

The prehistoric cult of the mother goddess can be found in all religions, some latent, ready to spring forth. Some of the peoples who came to be integrated into the Hindu fold had always worshiped the Divine Mother. Among the Shaktas, who are the worshipers of the goddess, the source of existence, considered female, is the main representation of divinity. God is woman. — From The Myths and Gods of India, by Alain Danielou.

For those who seek pleasure or those who seek liberation, the worship of the all-powerful Goddess is essential. She is the knowledge-of-the-Immensity; she is the mother of the universe, pervading the whole world. — Karapatri’s Sri Bhagavati Tattva


You are a god (Absolute) in a body made of God, being human (Relative).

Being human evolved as a result of your choice to know another. You are currently at a point in which you are lugging around in the confines of a body, with activity, a mind, energy, feelings, personality, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, etc. What evolved was all of this. YOU do not evolve; the Real You is Absolute and ever the same.


In Surrender Meditation you surrender to that-which-is-divine-that-is-other-than-you. You surrender to Goddess. God (you) and Goddess (other than you) are naturally drawn to the highest union. If you can let this union take place, you will go home to the blissful sea that is your natural state. It may come in small doses at first, but it grows.

As humans, everything we perceive, we perceive through one or more of our senses, and Goddess becomes Mother Nature, or illusion (maya), which simply means that, although the stuff of life is something, it isn’t what it seems.

In surrender sadhana there comes a time when the senses spontaneously withdraw and one experiences Truth directly. When this has happened to you, you will be enchanted, seduced, hooked. And it can happen fairly early on.

The path of surrender is for this purpose: the union of You and Goddess, You and God, your natural state to which you are drawn to return. The only difference between your original state and returning to that state is that you will return with full awareness in the bliss, the joy, that is present within you right now: “The kingdom of God is within.”

Jaya Ma! (Victory to Goddess!),
Durga Ma

Surrender Meditation & Non-Doership

In Surrender Meditation, activities generated by the Life Force (prana) occur spontaneously. 

You experience that these activities are done without the control of the mind, that they are the activities of Prana, and that you are not the doer of these actions. And though there may be thoughts in the mind, they are not controlling things but are merely incidental.

The dilemma here is that you have been taught that you must always take responsibility for your actions, so how can it be acceptable to not assume responsibility for your actions in meditation? The answer is simple: Eliminate the “always” and limit assuming responsibility for your actions to everywhere at all times except for the time you are meditating alone in your own meditation room.

As long as you assume the role of the actor, you bind the Prana to your will. As long as Prana remains in bondage, karma is acquired and Kundalini remains dormant. The bondage of karma is the property of the ego, (ahamkara, “I am the doer”). All actions for which the ego accepts responsibility create bondage, whether for good or ill.

By assuming the role of the actor, you are bound by action (karma) and the Life Force (prana) is not free.

Physical activities done without the control of the mind are the activities of Prana. This describes the spontaneous physical activities that occur during Surrender Meditation and should make clear the necessity of allowing such actions to arise. The necessity is that you experience non-doership for yourself.

When everything is being taken care of by Pranayou are in effect, inactive in the midst of activity. You are not doing anything, so you are not bound by action (karma). In the state of Union (yoga) you are fulfilled, so because there is nothing left to desire, there is nothing to do. This state of non-doership is the essence of Surrender Meditation.

° ° ° ° °

From The Song of God, a translation of the original Bhagavad Gita,
Durga Ma, ©1994

When you know inaction in action, and action in inaction, wisdom is attained, and all actions performed are Yoga. When desirous intentions are excluded from all your undertakings, karma is consumed in the fire of this wisdom. When you have let go of all attachment to the effects of action and are always accepting of what may come, even when acting, you do, in effect, nothing at all.

When action is performed with the body alone in the absence of any self-involvement for personal gratification or gain, no karma is incurred. Content with whatever comes … when you remain the same in success or failure, even though you act, you are not bound.

° ° ° ° °

From The Science of Meditation,
Swami Kripalu, ©1977:

When the body acts under the control of the mind, ego is projected into the mind, and unnecessarily accepts the responsibility of being the ‘doer’.

Through the practice of dhyana (meditation) generated by the grace of God or guru (shaktipat), one can experience inactivity in activity. Because the aspirant clearly realizes that physical activities done without the control of the mind are the activities of prana (life energy), he remains inactive and devoid of desire. Activity is activity and inaction is inaction, yet one can experience inaction in action and action in inaction. What a wonderful experience! Activity devoid of ego is true inactivity.

° ° ° ° °


Egoless Activities of Prana:

  • Action free of desirous intentions 
  • Action done without attachment to the action 
  • Action done without attachment to the effects of the action
  • Action free of self-involvement for personal gratification or gain
  • Action done with equanimity in success or failure

Because you relinquish doership by surrendering yourself to the Divine in meditation, the Divine takes care of everything, you incur no karma, and Prana, no longer under the domination of the will, is free. When Prana is free in the body it purifies the energy channels. When these channels have become sufficiently purified, deep meditation occurs spontaneously, and the stage is set for direct experience, samadhi and union with the Absolute.

Durga Ma

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