Origin and Transformation – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 17

“Of all Life I am the origin, the father, the mother and the ancestors. I am the means of purification, sacred knowledge, the sacred syllable OM, mantras, songs and rituals.” — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9, Verse 17 

Stop and think about what in all life is the father and mother, the cause of life, and the ancestors. Then think about how this relates to a means of purification, sacred knowledge, the sound of Om, mantras, songs and rituals. 

Thought it over? Now read this version of the same verse, also from the Sanskrit:

Alternate translation:
I am the bestower of life, the mother, the father and those who came before them, the ancestors. I am the means of purification in sacred knowledge and the sacred sound of creation, OM, in mantras, hymns and sacred practices.

Self and other-than self bestows life, yours and the lives of the ancestors who came before you, and live in you as genetic information (DNA). Connected with this is purification, the reordering of this information to get things where they belong or destroy them. This process is instigated and carried out by the Divine Goddess, Kundalini-Shakti and Prana acting as one. 


The vibrations of the sound of OM form the mantras (repetitive sounds), hymns (tone and rhythm) in rituals (practices) that effect this purification. This is known in sacred wisdom passed down through lineages of teachers.OMkara, the sounding of OM

  • OM (omkara, OM-doing) – the origin of creation, the sounding of OM.

Sound is the effect of vibration, so you could say that to hear the sound of OM would be to hear the vibrations of Creation. We don’t hear this sound with our ears because these sound-vibrations are too subtle. Or to put it another way, we do hear it—we hear it all the time, but we can’t separate it from all the other sounds in our world, including our own electrical substations in the brain. However, it can be heard clearly and distinctly in meditation because, in that state, one is not dependent on the ears to hear.

OMkara is the sounding of OM, the power of hearing and the ability to speak.

Anything perceptible as sound is so because of OMkara, the sound of OM. All sounds have their source in OMkara as variations (tones) or mutations (noise).

You and Other-than-You
(Purusha and Prakriti)


Akasha (ether > perception by hearing) initiates air (atmosphere > perception by sight), which initiates fire (energy > perception by touch), which initiates water (fluid substance > perception by taste), which initiates earth (material substance > perception by smell).


Hearing, seeing, and feeling the blissful sound of OM in meditation marks the beginning of transformation. This process is slowed down by three things:

Attachments to the things of this world, to your own body or anything about it, to people, to being liked, to getting or holding on to things, to responsibilities, to  trying to do the right thing, to chasing desires, etc.

Resistance to change (even unknowingly), self-doubt, non-conducive conditions, the lack of privacy and peace, and other limiting situations in life that cause one to resist, doubt and misunderstand what is really going on.

Misunderstanding what is happening. If one gets to this point, another stage will begin in which changes are being made at a deeper level, in the DNA. During this time, some, but not all, glitches will surface as they are being worked out. Misinterpreting these events can cause self-doubt—Gee, what’s wrong with me!? I must not be fit for Yoga. I should probably quit. But this is not a good place to try to get off the bus. If you do, you may get stuck with glitches that were in the midst of being corrected!     

It is because of these obstacles that earlier chapters had much to say about ‘faith’. Faith is especially needed during these phases. Even if faith is only pretended (one must do what one must). The use of pretending to yourself to have faith (consciously, of course) is amazingly effective. I speak from experience.

Because of so much emphasis on Truth, and speaking only the truth, we sometimes get so serious that we forget the magic of childhood when pretend was not telling a lie, but was a form of play. Some say that the task of childhood is survival, but I disagree. I believe that the only task that should be expected of a child is play. Children are closer to our natural state of happiness than we are, and they engage in pretending all the time. We should all take a lesson from them. Imagination will keep the mind flexible. A mind that is not flexible is neither strong nor bright.

One must be like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.


Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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VIII:23 The Day and Night of the Yogi

Will you continue to become embodied in worlds of temporal happiness and sorrow at death? Or will you rise above this dilemma and reach the Eternal Happiness of the Imperishable Absolute?

In “Brahmā’s World” and “The Day and Night of Brahmā” we learned that those who have not gone beyond worlds of temporal happiness and sorrow at death are subject to reincarnation, and that rising above this dilemma lies in becoming a ‘yogi’, one who unites Day and Night.

The Day and Night of Brahmā refers to ha-tha yoga, ‘sun-moon union’—the warming sun energy and the cooling moon energy unite (yoga) within the body to awaken Kundalini (the evolutionary force is accelerated). Having achieved hatha yoga, one is a yogi, the subject of the next few verses.

It is important to understand that terms like ‘yoga’ and ‘yogi’ should not be limited to the idea of religion. Yoga is a science that is not recognized in the western world, though it does fit the western definition of ‘science’. Yoga is meant as a term for the practices that prove God, Truth, the Imperishable Absolute, or whatever your word is for That. Because you cannot prove it to anyone but yourself in your own ‘lab’ (meditation), the western world does not recognize this science. But its practice is universal. For example, Buddhism, which is now a religion, is based on the teachings of Buddha, who was himself a yogi. The same is true for Jesus, and numerous others.

By the continued practice of hatha yoga, the yogi reaches beyond the worlds of Brahmā, kundalini becomes prominently active above the diaphragm, and union becomes the union of the yogi with God (Brahman). Now the sun is known as kundalini-shakti and the moon as soma.

  • Kundalini-Shakti is the accelerated (awakened) evolutionary force (kundalini), brought about by Shakti, the intelligent instigator of all action.
  • Soma, which is produced by the pineal gland, is precursor to amrita, the nectar of immortality (remember that the goal is now the Imperishable).

Of where and when the yogi goes at end-time, to non-return or to return again, I shall now speak, Bull of the Bharatas:

  • Bull of the Bharatas – an epitaph of Arjuna meaning ‘always seeking knowledge’. The Bhagavad Gita is a dialogue between Lord Krishna, who is now speaking, and his disciple, Arjuna. 
  • End-time – death of the body, or the end of time, i.e., the timeless state of union (yoga) with God.

By taking things to a microcosmic level, we can learn where in the body the evolutionary energy, kundalini, is at death that determines the outcome of rebirth (reincarnation) or non-return for the yogi.

The next verses give the conditions of release or rebirth as per the yogi’s stage of sadhana (practice), and concern Raja Yoga. One has to have reached Raja Yoga in order to be liberated from the cycles of birth and death. One who has fully completed Raja Yoga will reach a higher plane after death than one who has not. 

 To be continued….

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

IV:24-25 All Is God and So Are You…

You and God are One. If you think I’m just pulling your leg, surrender yourself to God and find out… 

God is the offering, God is the oblation poured out by God into the sacrificial God-fire. By this God-action, God-samadhi is attained.

God — Truth, Spirit, The Divine, The Absolute, The Ultimate, Guru, The True Self, the Real You…

Samadhi — A blissful state of equanimity that is accomplished through union (yoga).

Now, if you are wondering how samadhi can ever happen to you, remember this verse and you will come to see that it is so simple that it vexes the mind—but not You. You already know all this. You already know that there isn’t anything else, it’s all God. Even if you think you don’t think this is so, way down deep inside you know it Absolutely.

But what is all this business of offerings, oblations, sacrificial fires and God-actions? To demonstrate this, let’s work with the idea of surrendering yourself to God…..

The Offering is You. The Oblation is your surrender. The Sacrificial Fire is the evolutionary fire of Kundalini in Her awakened state. It was God-action that awakened Her.

You offer yourself to God by surrendering yourself to God. The Sanskrit for this also means ‘entrusting’. This is the oblation. To entrust is to assign something to someone else, to put something in someone’s care or protection. This defines ‘surrender’ as I mean it in ‘Surrender Meditation’.

This practice should take place in the meditation room. In that room, once the oblation is made, you have delegated God, and all action that takes place is God-action instigated by God as shakti, the activating force that awakens kundalini, the God-fire. By this ‘sacrifice’ one attains God through samadhi.

Thus each aspect of ‘sacrifice‘ is God: God is the offering (you), the oblation (surrender), the fire (kundalini-shakti), God-actions, and their result: samadhi.

In this way, yogis practice sacrifice to God. Another way is the yogi’s offering of sacrificial oblations by sacrifice itself into the God-fire.

“In this way” refers to the previous verse. Bearing this in mind, it is in this manner that a yogi practices sacrifice (surrender) to God. Whether one’s God-orientation is personal (sacrifice to God) or impersonal (sacrifice by sacrifice itself), one continues the practice of yoga with this understanding, and with the assumption that it is so, thus cultivating it as true until it becomes obvious through one’s own personal experience in meditation.

What is a Yogi?

A yogi is someone who has achieved union (yoga) of sun-energy and moon-energy through the practice of Karma Yoga (chapter 3), or Action Yoga (karma means ‘action’ and yoga, meaning ‘union’, implies action), or Hatha Yoga (‘Sun-Moon Union’). The union of sun and moon energies within the body is known as kundalini, the evolutionary force, which by becoming active accelerates the evolutionary process within the individual.

Evolution is going on all the time but at a snail’s pace. For much evolution to transpire within a lifetime, this force must be stronger and able to go about its business more quickly and efficiently. We are here in human bodies for this purpose, for this is where these two opposing forces have this opportunity.

Other kinds of living beings also have these two forces at work, but only certain kinds of beings*, such as humans, are free to choose and to learn without learning being necessarily motivated by survival.

Humans learn everything, but other creatures, i.e., animals, are hard-wired with instincts and learn only where learning is associated with survival instincts (I am not talking about intuition here). This is probably the only thing that really separates us from them, but it is a HUGE difference.

* Only certain kinds of beings: I hesitate to say "only humans" because of the probability that we are not alone in the cosmos, or on earth for that matter, and there may very well be others we have yet to meet who have forms designed in a similar manner as our own, learn everything without the aid of instincts, and have the power of choice ('free will').

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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