III:25-26 How to Save the World, Conclusion

Self-reference: By making progress in your own spiritual development you help to save the world and everyone in it. By pursuing the fulfillment of your desires they may possibly come to fruition. If you had to choose one of these two, which would you choose? 


The non-knower acts with attachment, but the knower should act unattached for the sake of holding the world together.

The knower refers to those who know, understand and practice the the teachings Lord Krishna has imparted to Arjuna, and to us.

Unattached action as taught by Lord Krishna, holds the world together; attached action does not. If Arjuna is holding back on his own account, Lord Krishna is telling him that he should go forward anyway for the sake of the world and those who inhabit it.

Do not disturb the minds of the unwise who act with attachment to actions. Instead, inspire delight in all their actions, while yourself constantly practicing unattached action.

For the knower, which now includes Arjuna, action should be performed in the manner described in these verses as ‘unattached’, for it is this kind of action that holds the world together while taking one to liberation. Those who are not in the know will continue to act with attachment. This is inevitable, and why it is so important for the knower to practice unattached action as prescribed.

The ‘world’ you can take both literally and figuratively. Literally, the prescribed action holds the physical-material world together. Symbolically, the world is the body, which indicates that there are clues hidden within this and previous verses for how to hold the body together so that it is not lost or destroyed.

Why doesn’t He just give these teachings to everyone?

That is precisely what He is doing…right here, right now in these very verses. Let he who has eyes, see… For those who cannot see, those who are not at a point of readiness for comprehending these teachings, attempts to explain them can only cause confusion and unhappiness and no good will come of it. Consequently, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna (and us) not to rock their boat by trying to force-feed them, but instead, support them in their endeavors and look toward their happiness in what they do, and to continue to practice these teachings ourselves.

Verses 22-26, How to Save the World in a Nutshell

22-24: For me, there is nothing whatever to do or to attain in all the three worlds. Even so, I engage in action. If I did not engage in tireless action, all of humankind would most certainly follow my path. If I did not perform action, I would ruin these three worlds. I would be a maker of confusion and destroy all living beings.

25-26: The non-knower acts with attachment, but the knower should act unattached for the sake of holding the world together. But the knower should not disturb the minds of the unwise who act with attachment to actions, but instead, inspire delight in all their actions, while yourself constantly practicing unattached action.

Coming this weekend: Liberation!

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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SKY Haven

My motivation for the creation of SKY Haven is its Core as described in “Community“, on this website.

SKY Haven’s Core 

The full-time practice of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga (Surrender Meditation) requires special conditions that do not presently exist elsewhere in the U.S. This refuge is desperately needed for those who wish to take this sadhana to its fulfillment. Such a place requires that individuals may live independently within the context of these special conditions.

Some of these conditions are that practitioners not have the usual distractions of having to earn a living, deal with snakes and predators (including human ones), noisy peacocks, traffic or other forms of pollution, and have special living conditions such as appropriate dwellings, privacy, abundant water and other provisions as stated in the shastras (spiritual texts). These practitioners will, of course, be few.

Durga Ma’s Onion, as described in Community, is much more complexed than I would actually like it to be, but I put it together this way as a means of including householders and other students who would like to be close by, or have access, without having to live in the Core and practice full time sadhana. However, there are other ways of accomplishing this that have already been successfully demonstrated by other groups whose model we could use as a guide. Until this strata is needed we will keep things simple and concentrate on the Core, keeping our minds open to different ways of accomplishing any expansion we need when we need it. Large, multi-strata communities are much more vulnerable to internal difficulties anyway, so we will start start simply, and see how things evolve.

Past Experience

I have learned through experience the hazards of putting things like this together, and I do not intend to make the same mistakes again. SKY Haven will not be a democracy, socialist, communist, or any other such political model, which will eliminate some of the flaws and temptations inherent in these systems. SKY Haven will be a benevolent monarchy.

The monarch will have an advisory board including at least one attorney and one qualified psychologist, and other experts. If such expertise is not among us, they will be hired. Persons desirous of residency will be screened. Laws, building codes and zoning laws will be carried out to the letter. Any illegal activities or substances will be prohibited and violators evicted. SKY Haven dharma will be short and sweet, and based primarily on the Yamas and Niyamas, and will include simple parameters for building dwellings.

My previous attempt at creating such a place started out well and ended in disaster. One person, who had contributed money and lived there, came to feel that he owned the place and anything and everything on it, including Durga Ma. He became abusive and I became concerned for the safety of all of us. There were seven dwellings, four people in residence and two more preparing to come, leaving one cabin for guests. He refused to leave, so I did, and things fell apart from there. I learned a great deal from this experience, hence the above mentioned monarchy with its advisory board and experts.

Trusting Each Other

What all this comes down to is that we will need to be able to trust each other. I need to be able to trust you, and you need to be able to trust me. We must be able to be kind and direct with each other. No one should ever be living in fear of being controlled or manipulated by anyone else. Nor should I. We must all be and behave as mature adults. As divine individuals, we are all equal in what it is that we really are, and we must keep this, and the significance of it, in mind in all our dealings.

I do hope that those of you who want to take up this sadhana full time, now or in the future, will find this approach reassuring. It may look a little tough and tight, but I believe these strategies are necessary to make a go of things and maintain them with the least amount of difficulty.

I have no particular wish to be a leader and will always take the simplest route, listen to the people involved, and do my homework … but I may ask for help.

Durga Ma

On Music & Dance

When the best dancer is dancing, a whole crowd can find themselves drawn into concentration. Music and dance are so integral to yoga that without them yoga is incomplete. I dance and sing constantly in my meditation room. This isn’t simply art, but a form of meditation.” — Swami Kripalu 

From the Writings of Swami Shri Kripalvanandaji

“To perform every action artfully is yoga.”

Music holds a very high place in the practice of yoga. I would even say that without music, it is impossible to attain to the Lord, for the Lord himself is music. In India we say, “Nada Brahma” which means “Sound is God”. It is just like the place in the Bible where it says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.” If we live a musical life, we can say that we are living a life of sadhana, a spiritual life. Music is the greatest intoxicant in the world. When one is totally intoxicated by music he goes into samadhi.

There is another aspect of music, and that is dancing. Dance purifies the body, and music purifies the mind. If we use music for its purest purpose, it will not fail to bring us the highest results. In spiritual life in India, there are two main manifestations of God that are worshipped: that of Lord Shiva, and that of Lord Krishna. Both are great musicians and master dancers. My experience shows me that those who do not know how to sing and dance will never reach God, for in deep meditation when prana begins to effortlessly rise, music and dance are born from within. This is not the result of conscious intention; it is simply an expression of prana. So, dance is a part of meditation and does not disturb it.

Swami Kripalu Mudra, Music & Dance
Swami Kripalu
Music, Mudra & Dance

This spontaneous dance has two phases: external and internal. At first the dance has external movements. Gradually these movements cease until there is complete stillness, externally. Yet the dance continues inside.

The spontaneous dance that I went into outside my Rajeshvari meditation room was like what used to happen to me many years ago in the earlier stages of yoga. Then it stopped and I moved into another stage. On this occasion, behind Rajeshvari, I started by doing some hand mudras, and all of a sudden, after many years of absence, the dance started to come to me again spontaneously, automatically. There was a difference, however, between what happened in the past and this: before, the dance was very fast; this time it was very slow and rhythmic. When this dance happens, it stretches all the nerves so much that after five minutes you are ready to collapse. Yet I, at the age of 65, was able to dance constantly for over half an hour! This kind of music and dance is the very highest kind of sadhana; the very highest method of purification of mind and body.

— Swami Kripalu, “On Music and Dance”

Mudras (energy seals) occur when the awakened energy grows strong, expressing as the sustained holding of postures or repetitive motions that either build prana (life energy) or express it in free flowing dance-like movements and hand gestures. — Swami Kripalu

Please visit the Foundation for Natural Meditation for more of Swami Kripalu’s books and writings.

Durga Ma

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