63 Knowledge of the Mysteries

From anger arises delusion. From delusion, the wandering of memory. From the wandering of memory, the destruction of intelligence. From the destruction of intelligence, one is lost. — Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verse 63


The word for anger also means ‘wrath’ and ‘passion’; delusion, ‘loss of consciousness, error, ignorance, misunderstanding, misinterpretation’; wandering, ‘disturbance, confusion, error, mistake, illusion’; memory, ‘remembrance of the whole body of sacred oral tradition remembered by human teachers’; destruction of intelligence, the disappearance or loss of (1) the ability to ‘discern or discriminate’ on the part of the seeker, and (2) ‘the loss of remembered sacred oral teachings’.

The Cause of Death

This verse winds down with the news that we are all going to die: “one is lost”. The word for ‘lost’ means ‘falls down’ and ‘death’—prana falls down so one dies (prana’s pathway in the body is upward). We should all be stunned to realize that this verse is actually implicating immortality. So many wonders there are, and we know so little! Perhaps the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail, is hidden somewhere within us?

Alternate translation:

Anger causes turbulence of the mind, which in turn causes remembered oral teachings to become lost through error, misunderstanding and misinterpretation, leading to the decline and loss of sacred oral teachings. Having been lost through the destruction of intelligence, these teachings fall into ruin, and death becomes inescapable.

Sacred Oral Teachings

Sacred oral teachings are passed down through lineages of masters. These teachings are not found in religions. The teacher passes them down orally only to students who have reached stages in their sadhana that will make their knowledge understandable and beneficial to them.

In this verse, Krishna describes how these oral teachings are periodically lost to future generations by being passed down to those who are not qualified to receive them. With the loss of intelligent discernment and the subsequent loss of correct understanding of these oral teachings, the world falls apart. It ‘dies’, as does the individual seeker.

At the end of an age, when the path to Truth has been lost, God incarnates to rectify the situation. The period of this Mahabharata war* is a case in point. God has incarnated as Krishna, Arjuna’s guru, in order to save the world.

* The setting of the Bhagavad Gita is the Mahabharata war, an historical event of another age used by the author to interject practical and esoteric spiritual teachings.


Anger can take many forms, from simple annoyance and displeasure to jealousy, hostility and rage. The Sanskrit word for anger also means passion. The energy of passionate anger is the kind of energy that makes us insensible and vulnerable to error. This is the issue here, not anger per se, but the energy of anger.

Try this Self-referencing experiment on Anger

According to the Sanskrit, kroda, the passion of anger produces wrong thinking, error, and misunderstanding. Thus are the mysteries lost, and seekers as well. Krishna is forewarning Arjuna of the importance of not sharing everything He has taught him with just anyone. In chapter eighteen, Krishna gives specific qualifications for determining who can receive these teachings:

Qualifications for Receiving the Mysteries

“This shall not be spoken of by you to anyone who is without austerity (tapas, the ‘heat or warmth’ of purification), nor to one who is not devoted to Me at all times (devotion and obedience to Krishna, God/Guru), nor to one who does not desire to hear what is to be said (‘the obedient and attentive student reaches the proper stage of sadhana and is desirous of hearing it’), nor to one who speaks ill of Me or demonstrates ill-feelings toward Me.” — Vs. 67

Lord Krishna goes on to say:

“He who shall set forth this Supreme Secret to My devotees, having performed this highest devotion to Me, shall certainly come to Me.” — Vs. 68 

Now you know why I practice this Yoga and teach it.

“And no one shall do more pleasing service to Me than this one, and no other on earth shall be dearer to Me.” — Vs. 69 

Now you know why I write of these teachings to you.

“And one who studies this sacred dialogue of ours, by that one I am loved with the knowledge sacrifice. Such is my thought.” — Vs. 70 

Now you know why I continually study this scripture.

“One who hears it with faith, not scoffing, will be liberated and attain the happy worlds of those whose actions are pure.” — Vs. 71 

Now you know why you are drawn to listen.

Jaya Bhagavan! (Victory to God!),
Durga Ma

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The Seventh Chakra

At the seventh chakra is the Window of God, from which a brilliant clear white light can be seen.

One mystical writing, the Shiva Samhita, describes this light as having the brilliance of tens of millions of suns and the coolness of tens of millions of moons. Strictly speaking, this chakra is outside the physical body, but when you get there, you can ‘see’ through this ‘window.’ A brief moment at this place destroys misfortunes. Staying here destroys death itself.

The Window of God
From Living the Mysteries, ©1999, Durga Ma and Terry Anne Preston, Ph.D. 

In deep meditation I once found myself taken into a three-story house by my Guide. In the center of this house was an elevator. We stepped into the elevator and went up to the top floor without stopping. We stepped out of the elevator into large, bright room. In the center of the room was a divan where there lay an infant sleeping. My attention was drawn to the infant, and as I watched, fascinated, this child, whose appearance resembled my own, woke and grew to maturity before my very eyes.

I looked around the room and was attracted to a bright light coming from a window. A woman was standing at the window looking out. She had fair skin and raven hair. I assumed it was the child’s mother, though she didn’t look like my own mother, the mother of this body. I could only see her from the back, so I walked over to where she stood. It was the Divine Mother whom I had met on my balloon ride to Heaven (siddhaloka) with Swami Kripalu. She directed me to look out the window. It was both exhilarating and frightening. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what I was seeing. We were in the midst of a brilliant light and traveling through space at the speed of light, and yet we were completely motionless at the same time.

I was in my own house, the body, and the elevator was the sushumna. The child had been me coming to higher and higher consciousness. The Divine Mother was God. The window was the brahmarandhra, the Window of God.


The brahmarandhra, the Window of God, is the seventh chakra, the sahasradalpadma, the ‘thousand-petalled lotus’. This chakra is associated with the central nervous system with its multitude of nadis and functions, and is beyond senses and elements, and of crystal brilliance. With mastery of the seventh chakra, you attain knowledge of Truth and are never born again. 

Large numbers, especially thousands, are interpreted as an unspecified vast number. The ‘thousand petaled lotus’ represents the multitude of us, all divine individuals. Upon unconditionally accepting everyone, one merges with the Absolute. This is nirbija (seedless) samadhi (equanimity), the highest samadhi. Because you have accepted everyone as they really are (divine, like you), you become a ‘savior’—anyone whose unconditional acceptance includes you, has accepted everyone through you. It is taught in Christianity that one is ‘saved’ by accepting Jesus. This is true, for Jesus had accepted everyone.

All misfortunes are destroyed and immortality is attained. You are no longer someone being conscious. You are not someone who is being conscious of someone or something other than you, not even yourself, not even God. You have merged with Absolute God, paramatman, and your sadhana is compete.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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Mystics and Mysticism

Mysticism is defined as the acceptance that union with or absorption into the Deity or the Absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through self-surrender.

Mysteries and Mystics

A mystery is something that is not understood. A mystic is someone who understands it. A mystic understands the mysteries through direct experience, direct perception, union with the Absolute. By “direct” I mean without any means. In other words, without using the senses and the mind.

This experience is of an entirely different nature than what we commonly experience in ordinary life. It is not something that is learned, it is not psychic or intuitive, nor is it dream, imagination or fantasy. It is Truth. To put it more poetically, one has heard the Word of God, or one has seen God face to face. Those who have unknowingly surrendered to their own minds may mistakenly think that they have had this experience, but those self-honest practitioners who have experienced Truth directly, will know.

How to Become a Mystic

One might ask, But how do I do this? How can I have this direct experience and become a mystic? The answer is simple: meditate.

Through authentic yoga meditation (meditation aimed at Divine Union), one sets the stage for this event to take place. You may not be able to make it happen, but you can put yourself in the way of it by establishing a regular meditation practice. If you do this one thing and commit yourself to it, you will have this experience. You may have it tomorrow or you may have it years from now, but you will have it.

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Final Form Teachings

People usually begin meditating with many preconceived ideas and misunderstandings about meditation, and have many expectations based on the assumptions produced by these misunderstandings. One source of this is the “final form” teachings found in ancient mystical writings, or scriptures.

Final form teachings are often taken as instructions for what to do in order to do things right, to meditate correctly, or to make spiritual progress. You might assume, for instance, that you are doing something wrong if you are not having the experiences as written in these texts. This is not true. Final form teachings are exactly that: they are final. Given in this manner, a final form is an esoteric teaching.

There are myriad shades of gray between the beginning of sadhana (practice) and the final form of any aspect of sadhana. It is the manner in which such teachings are communicated to us that hold the key to understanding that aspect at any stage.

What many people do not realize is that scriptures consist of multi-layered teachings meant for addressing progress at many stages. Teachings directed toward more experienced practitioners are going to be hidden in the text. Also, some mystical texts are written specifically for those who have already advanced sufficiently to be getting the teachings they contain. These will be esoteric, coded.

Experience is needed in order to decode the mysteries. A scholarly approach is not enough. Where do you get this experience? Same answer: meditation.

Love,Durga Ma

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