VII:1-3 Proving God

Real Faith comes when God is proved. It is one thing to believe in God. It is another thing entirely to experience God. Only through one’s own experience in meditation can God be proved. This is the true purpose of Yoga.      

The Blessed Lord spoke:
Hear how practicing Yoga by taking refuge in Me, the mind absorbed in Me, you will without doubt, know Me entirely.

The word for ‘taking refuge’ also means, ‘depending upon, protection, union, choosing’, which fully describes Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga: surrender to God/Truth in meditation. 

God: Truth, the Absolute.

Taking refuge in God is surrender to God. When you surrender to God you depend on God. When you choose God to drive your chariot as did Arjuna, you are dependent on God without doubt and are protected. Then your mind easily becomes absorbed in God, first as thought, then as experience, then as Real.

You get what you surrender to.

Surrender to God amounts to making the choice not to choose. By surrendering yourself to God in meditation in this manner, God takes care of everything. This surrender is done only in the context of meditation. If you do this, your meditation will eventually become your life, and God will genuinely be in charge of it.

If you try to be surrendered to God all at once in life, where choices are being made by you every second, you will fail. It was executing your power to choose that got you into this situation, and it is executing it in order to abandon it that will deliver you from it. It is a simple and natural means of discovering God/Truth and your own true Self. 

I am fully explaining to you the Highest Wisdom in a manner that is understandable. Once you understand it, nothing in the entire world remains to be known.

The Highest Wisdom then, encompasses everything that is worthy of knowing. We have heard it before, but now, in case we haven’t understood it, we are getting it in a way that we should be able to understand, beginning with this: 

Of people in thousands, one may strive for perfection. Of the striving and the perfected, no one knows Me.

At the last minute, my translation of this verse was corrected and the commentary changed. When I read it, I was puzzled…until I realized what was going on, thanks to my Board of Directors. Here it is:

Of people in thousands hardly anyone strives for perfection, but there may be one who does. Even so, neither that striving person nor those who have actually reached perfection, know God. The striving person cannot fully know God because of the all pervading, distracting attachments to physical existence, especially those on the part of the body itself. But how is it that the Perfected One, the siddha, does not know God?

The answer is, the Perfected One IS God.

In the Absolute there is nothing to know—there is no knower, no known, and no knowing going on. Where the Perfected One is concerned, the word ‘know’ is utterly useless, for knowledge requires a knower, and this dual situation does not exist in the Absolute.

I will leave you with this to contemplate. If you want to read what I just trashed, click here.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma


Enlightenment and Liberation

Yoga Meditation the Easy Way

Today at 11 

 Last week we learned that liberation can be attained by becoming ‘God-realized’. For some, ‘God-realized’ means enlightenment. But enlightenment and liberation are not the same thing. 

(18) In a well-educated and accomplished Brahmana (God-person), in a cow, an elephant, a dog, and an outcaste, the wise knower sees the same.  (19) Here in this world, rebirth is overcome by those whose minds are established in this sameness, for God, being without defect in this, and they being the same, they are therefore established in God.

These two verses taught us that by perceiving the same in everyone, we can become “established in God” here in this world. This sameness, neutrality or impartiality, is characteristic of God and all of us as Divine Individuals. Realizing God in this way is one kind of enlightenment that will give us a degree of liberation.

  • Liberation:  Being set free, released, from oppression or ignorance. One is not compelled to rebirth into this world, or worlds like it.
  • Enlightenment: To make luminous, to shine. To perceive or experience the Truth directly.
  • Realization: Fully grasping The Real (Truth, God).


Enlightenment and liberation are not directly connected. For instance, one can come to realize who they are, or what they are, through Direct Experience, but even though this is beneficial for reaching liberation, this enlightenment alone does not achieve it.

Kinds of Enlightenment

  1. Direct Experience of Who or What you really are.
  2. Enlightenment by Knowledge: seeing the same in everyone; initiation into the mysteries.
  3. Personal Experience in meditation of non-doership.

Direct Experience means ‘without any via’. There is no means being used—neither the mind nor the senses. The evolutionary force (kundalini) shoots upward into the head and falls back down again. In that short time, realization takes place and one knows who or what they really are.

Enlightenment by Knowledge (see “Enlightened by Knowledge”) occurs through learning, especially the oral teachings of one’s guru, which results in genuine realization. 

When one is enlightened by the knowledge that expels ignorance,
wisdom shines like the sun illuminating what is beyond. (16)  

Personal Experience in Meditation is an enlightenment when one finally surpasses ego and realizes non-doership—that one does nothing, and never has.  

Means of Liberation

  1. Seeing the same in everyone
  2. Non-doership

There are different states and stages (degrees) of liberation with both means.

Seeing the same in everyone

The neutral state of impartiality and sameness concerning others.

One is not compelled to rebirth here in this world, or worlds like it, but there will be other lives in kinder, more evolved and elevated places in the journey to complete liberation.

This enlightenment can take place in life in general, through contemplation that leads to realization.


Not identifying oneself as the doer of actions.

One is not compelled to rebirth here in this world, or worlds like it, but there may be other lives in kinder, more evolved and elevated places, but only non-doership can get you to the end of the journey in this lifetime.

This enlightenment takes place through spontaneous meditation (i.e., Surrender Meditation), but is very unlikely under ordinary circumstances, and generally requires oral teachings.

Durga Ma

IV:24-25 All Is God and So Are You…

You and God are One. If you think I’m just pulling your leg, surrender yourself to God and find out… 

God is the offering, God is the oblation poured out by God into the sacrificial God-fire. By this God-action, God-samadhi is attained.

God — Truth, Spirit, The Divine, The Absolute, The Ultimate, Guru, The True Self, the Real You…

Samadhi — A blissful state of equanimity that is accomplished through union (yoga).

Now, if you are wondering how samadhi can ever happen to you, remember this verse and you will come to see that it is so simple that it vexes the mind—but not You. You already know all this. You already know that there isn’t anything else, it’s all God. Even if you think you don’t think this is so, way down deep inside you know it Absolutely.

But what is all this business of offerings, oblations, sacrificial fires and God-actions? To demonstrate this, let’s work with the idea of surrendering yourself to God…..

The Offering is You. The Oblation is your surrender. The Sacrificial Fire is the evolutionary fire of Kundalini in Her awakened state. It was God-action that awakened Her.

You offer yourself to God by surrendering yourself to God. The Sanskrit for this also means ‘entrusting’. This is the oblation. To entrust is to assign something to someone else, to put something in someone’s care or protection. This defines ‘surrender’ as I mean it in ‘Surrender Meditation’.

This practice should take place in the meditation room. In that room, once the oblation is made, you have delegated God, and all action that takes place is God-action instigated by God as shakti, the activating force that awakens kundalini, the God-fire. By this ‘sacrifice’ one attains God through samadhi.

Thus each aspect of ‘sacrifice‘ is God: God is the offering (you), the oblation (surrender), the fire (kundalini-shakti), God-actions, and their result: samadhi.

In this way, yogis practice sacrifice to God. Another way is the yogi’s offering of sacrificial oblations by sacrifice itself into the God-fire.

“In this way” refers to the previous verse. Bearing this in mind, it is in this manner that a yogi practices sacrifice (surrender) to God. Whether one’s God-orientation is personal (sacrifice to God) or impersonal (sacrifice by sacrifice itself), one continues the practice of yoga with this understanding, and with the assumption that it is so, thus cultivating it as true until it becomes obvious through one’s own personal experience in meditation.

What is a Yogi?

A yogi is someone who has achieved union (yoga) of sun-energy and moon-energy through the practice of Karma Yoga (chapter 3), or Action Yoga (karma means ‘action’ and yoga, meaning ‘union’, implies action), or Hatha Yoga (‘Sun-Moon Union’). The union of sun and moon energies within the body is known as kundalini, the evolutionary force, which by becoming active accelerates the evolutionary process within the individual.

Evolution is going on all the time but at a snail’s pace. For much evolution to transpire within a lifetime, this force must be stronger and able to go about its business more quickly and efficiently. We are here in human bodies for this purpose, for this is where these two opposing forces have this opportunity.

Other kinds of living beings also have these two forces at work, but only certain kinds of beings*, such as humans, are free to choose and to learn without learning being necessarily motivated by survival.

Humans learn everything, but other creatures, i.e., animals, are hard-wired with instincts and learn only where learning is associated with survival instincts (I am not talking about intuition here). This is probably the only thing that really separates us from them, but it is a HUGE difference.

* Only certain kinds of beings: I hesitate to say "only humans" because of the probability that we are not alone in the cosmos, or on earth for that matter, and there may very well be others we have yet to meet who have forms designed in a similar manner as our own, learn everything without the aid of instincts, and have the power of choice ('free will').

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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