V:16-17 Enlightened by Knowledge

We have just discovered that who and what we are is enveloped by a veil of illusion that hides our Real Selves from ourselves. Now we are going to find our way out of this situation by becoming enlightened by knowledge. 

“Real Reality” continued: 

When one is enlightened by the knowledge that expels ignorance, wisdom shines like the sun illuminating what is beyond. 

We are affected by external influences until we become One with the Divine, or when we are in union (yoga) with That, even temporarily in meditation. Authentic meditation provides the opportunity to experience this oneness with God until it becomes permanent and we can say without reservation, “I and my Father One.”

“The knowledge that expels ignorance
This knowledge refers to the learned wisdom-knowledge of the oral teachings of the sages. To obtain this knowledge, sincere and determined seekers first seek their guru, become devoted to their guru and serve their guru. Then, with sufficient time and progress, this relationship yields these teachings that expel this ignorance. (This verse is telling us that there are things we need to know that we will not come by on our own, and that can only be obtained in this manner.)

“Illuminating what is beyond”
Now we want to know what we are going to be able to see when the blinders come off. The word in Sanskrit for ‘beyond’ also means ‘on the other side of, subsequent, later, future, next’ and ‘the Highest, the Supreme Absolute’. I think we can combine all these and arrive at a proper conclusion: Once we have this wisdom-knowledge we will discover what is next, and by continuing from there, we will discover the bliss of the Supreme Absolute. The next verse explains this.

This wisdom having shaken off all evils, one who yields to That as their foundation and highest objective, goes not to return again. 

‘That’ refers both to “what is beyond” the veil of ignorance, and to the wisdom-teachings of the sages who know the way (previous verse). 
If you yield to this wisdom-knowledge, you will get what is beyond: the Supreme Absolute. The way you do this is to yield to the Absolute: surrender to It.

“All evils having been shaken off”
In this verse, the word for ‘evil’ is different than in verse 15. In that verse it meant everything from harm and guilt, to sin and misfortune. Here, evil means things like ‘darkness’ and ‘impurity’, and ‘destroying virtuous action’. So the wisdom we are to come by is for the purpose of ridding ourselves of these obstacles.

  • Darkness – Ignorance of the Truth of what really is, how things really are. (One cannot ‘see’ in the dark.)
  • Impurity – Anything that isn’t where it belongs.
  • Virtuous action – Placing all action on God, self-surrender to the Absolute.

“Evils having been shaken off”
The inauspicious becomes auspicious.

“Goes not to return again”
Having become enlightened by knowledge, the things that threatened to destroy our success are now gone, shaken off. Holding this knowledge as the foundation and highest objective of our practice, we will be liberated and rebirth will cease to be compulsory.

All evils having been shaken off by this knowledge, one who yields to it as their foundation and highest wisdom, is liberated from rebirth.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

V:15 Real Reality…

To realize Real Reality, one must surrender to the Absolute Real. Previously, we learned how the yoga of surrender works to our advantage in attaining It. Now we learn about the fragile sheath that has been hiding It from us. 

The Wisdom Teachings of Surrender, Continued

The Omnipresent does not receive good or evil actions of people. Because this wisdom is covered by illusion, people are unaware of it. 

“This wisdom” about God and You as expressed here, and in the wisdom-teachings of the previous verses.

Good – auspicious; righteous deeds; meritorious action, virtue, merit.
Evil – inauspicious; harmful deeds; bad action; guilt, sin, trouble, harm, demerit.

We have gotten here from The Master In the City of Nine Gates (the Real You), which is now being called The Omnipresent. We are making a distinction between this and what we are being, and now we are reminded that our situation as an Omnipresent Master is enveloped in illusion (i.e., what we are being).

Illusion – the physical unReality of this world—it’s really there, but it’s not what it seems.

“The Omnipresent does not receive good or evil actions of people”
God/Truth, the Omnipresent, is not affected by good or bad actions of people, nor is the omnipresent embodied one, You. The actions of people have no effect on God or on You. What you really are is not affected by what others do, whether it is good or bad. But what you are being (human) is a different story.

It’s a different matter with us as human beings because we are duped by the illusion that envelops and hides the Truth and makes it imperceptible to us. So we are not aware of not being affected. In our experience, we are affected. This is the human condition, the condition of ‘ignorance’ (lacking “this wisdom”).

We have already established that the Real You is omnipresent, so we can take this verse at a personal level to mean that You are enveloped by illusion. This was described in verse 13 as the master (You) within a city of nine gates (the body). The master of this city, its lord and ruler, is You, but You are enveloped by Your own city, hiding You even from yourself. What can be done about this?

Surrender Meditation

When you surrender yourself to God/Truth in meditation, you are surrendering to Real Reality, so Real Reality is what you will get. It may come in bits and pieces at first because your surrender is coming in bits and pieces. But by practicing this meditation daily you will get more comfortable with it and your surrender will deepen. The result of this is that you will get more Real Reality, and eventually, all of It, and with it, the Real You.


You (purusha) trying to be conscious of something other than you (prakriti) is what creates the veil of illusion—what you are conscious of is real, but it is not what it seems. When you stop trying to be conscious of things, Real Reality will appear. Meanwhile, throughout your day, whenever you think of it, try this as a daily contemplation:

(1) Whenever I am affected by anything in this life in any way, good or bad or in-between, I am buying into the illusion that hides the Truth from me. 

(2) Now I remind myself that this is just a wisp away from what lies hidden within the envelop of illusion: the Truth Itself, my Self—the illusion is only a cover.

(3) Now I am reminded of the principle of Noticing: When something is observed, it changes. And change is what I am looking for in this situation, change from buying the illusion to seeing what is hidden by it.

(4) Every time I catch this happening and Notice it, I release myself from delusion a little more, until one day, I will see the Truth more than the illusion, and eventually, only Truth. 

Every time you are True to yourself in this, you change and reduce the suffering in this world. And every step you take pulls all of us with you. Thank you.

To be continued…..

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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