Creation, Destruction, Rebirth & The Self – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 32-35

Vishnu Creation

The Power of God & You

The manifestations of God in the world, in you, and in the entire universe.

The eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Arjuna and his childhood friend and Guru, Lord Krishna. Arjuna has asked Him to explain how He, as Absolute God, exists within Creation (beginning with verses 19-20, “God in You”):

Creation, Destruction, Rebirth & The Self

Of creations, I am the beginning, the middle and the end, and of knowables I am the knower of Adhyatma, the true Self. Of discussions I am the telling.

Alternate translation:
I am the beginning of the rushing forth of creation, as well as its destruction, Arjuna, and I am what lies between. Of knowables, I am the knower of the Supreme Self, and of conversations, I am the conveying of communications.

First He says that He is the beginning, middle and end of all things created, and then He follows with ‘knowables’ — things that can be known — and specifically, that He is the knower of the Supreme Self. By this we understand that the True Self can be known, and that He knows You as You really are. He is also saying that it is He who speaks when information, such as oral teachings, are being conveyed.

Creation, with its beginning, middle and end, is Relative, but the True Self is Absolute. Knowing is relative, but the Truth spoken in oral teachings is the Absolute Truth.

Self-referencing Experiment:
The connection of one individual with another is God. The next time you speak to someone, remember this and allow your attention to take in the Divine presence in your communion or communication with that person, whether you like this person or what is being spoken, or not. Check your own communications against the Yamas so that you are conveying the Divine when you speak. Remember that Absolute God is in you, as You.

Of letters I am the letter A, and of compound words, I am the union of syllables. And I alone am infinite Time, facing in all directions.

The letter “A”. Of the sound of letters (syllables in Sanskrit) of the alphabet, I am the imperishable vowel “A” (akṣara, meaning imperishable, unalterable, absolute). The letter A is the initiation (shakti) of all human speech, and the basis of the sounds of primary vowels (f), without which no consonant (m) can manifest. 

Compound words. Of compound words, I am the union of their parts, and their wholeness as a single word. 

Time, facing in all directions. Of Time, I am its endlessness. Undecaying time goes out, ‘faces’, or exists, in all directions everywhere always. There is in Reality, no end to it. It cannot end because, for the Absolute, there is no end. All time is present all the time. We experience it as linear because, as human beings, we have a point of view.

To expand your point of view, begin by taking different points of view about everything.

I have been heard to say that, in the Absolute, there is no time. This might be better expressed by saying that, in the Absolute there is no time going on. Time is not motion. Time presents changes in Creation that make it appear to be moving, the same way that you feel like you are moving in a stationary car-wash as the equipment cleans your car, or standing on a train platform as a train goes by. It is the train that is moving, not you. It is the car wash that is moving, not your car. 

The basis of Time is pure consciousness which is everywhere in all directions. So Time exists in all directions everywhere, and like consciousness, is also infinite. This teaching is symbolized in murits (material forms) expressing omniscience:

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I am death and the source of all things to come. Of the feminine, I am beauty, speech, remembered teachings, and also surrender, satisfaction and fortitude. Of the Sama Veda, I am the Brihatsamana and Gayatri meters. Of months, I am the month of harvest, and of seasons, the Spring.

Alternate translation:
I am all-destroying death and the origin of future existences. Of the feminine, I am glory, communication and oral teachings, and also patience, renunciation and fulfillment.
 Of knowledges that can be sung, I am the masculine and rhythmic duple meter (two beats), and the feminine and beguiling triple meter (three beats). Of months I am the harvest month in the Fall, and of the seasons I am the ‘abounding with flowers’, the Springtime.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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You Get What You Worship – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 24-25

“I am the enjoyer of all sacrificial worship and the power that impels it, but people do not recognize Me, hence they fall. Those who worship the gods go to the gods. Those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors. Those who worship the spirits go to the spirits. Those who worship Me assuredly come to Me.” — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9, Verses 24-25

I am the enjoyer of all sacrificial worship and the power that impels it, but people do not recognize Me. Hence they fall.

Alternate translation:
I am the motivator, the experiencer and the Chief of all sacrifices, but the people do not recognize My True Reality, thus they fall down and return to the mortal world.

“They” refers to those mentioned in the previous verses. “Fall down” refers to the Life Energy in the body, Prana, falling to the lower chakras at death and causing the yogi to relinquish liberation and “return” to mortal existence.

It is God that motivates sacrifice, and God that enjoys it. Put another way, the instigator of the yogi’s surrender is God (Shakti), and the yogi in union with God (yoga) enjoys it.

Worship = Sacrifice = Surrender
The sacrificial offering is yourself

Surrender alone is not the answer. The answer is in what one surrenders to, and how surrendered the ‘worshipper’ is.

One must always surrender only to Absolute God. You will think that it is you who enjoys and experiences this, and that it is you who desires it. But God is the Enjoyer, the Experiencer, and the Desirer—the motivator who impels your surrender to God.

Love is Surrender. Radha loves Krishna. You get what you surrender to.
Love is Surrender. Radha loves Krishna. You get what you surrender to (worship).

Surrendering to anything other than Absolute God, one falls. When one is not surrendered, does not understand what sacrifice really is, does not recognize God, does not experience God, and the Life Energy in the body does not ascend but “falls down”. Only through surrender to Absolute God can the energy ascend and remain ascendant.

You may disagree with this. If you do, you won’t be the first. I have been accused of being elitist because I practice surrender yoga and think it is better than the path of the will, but this is not so. The path of the will is necessary. Not only does it provide many different paths for the many unique individuals that we are, but it always takes one who persists to the path of surrender.

Many people who have left the spiritual path of the will have done so because they came up against a wall and couldn’t get any further. Some became lost and disenchanted and quit altogether. Some dealt with this disappointment by changing gurus…over and over again…hoping to find one that knew what he or she was doing.

Are these seekers reluctant to surrender for fear of losing control? Or do they simply not know that there is something more that can take them where they want to go?

Unknowingly, at a very auspicious point in their practice, they were ready for this phase of yoga sadhana but they didn’t know it existed. This is one reason I speak openly about it. There are those who are ready for it and need it, but they don’t know about it, what it is, or how it is practiced.

Teachers of surrender yoga are hard to find. In my opinion, this is the very reason Vyasa wrote the Bhagavad Gita into his epic Mahabharata: because it is really about surrender yoga.

It is true that the Gita addresses how to live a successful and spiritual life, but in the very places that are translated in willful terms, there are underlying teachings on surrender yoga hidden in the cracks for those who are ready to hear them.

Why not just get straight to the point? Because not everyone is interested in this path. The Gita is written is such a way that anyone can benefit no matter what their path. One who is interested and ready to hear about surrender yoga will, at the very least, realize that there is something more going on and seek to understand it. Their curiosity and longing will naturally lead them to seek someone who can satisfy their interest.

God is the power behind all sacrifices. God is the power behind your surrender to God. God is the desire for God that impels you to surrender to God, and it is God who enjoys the sacrificial offering. It is because of your yoga, your union with God who enjoys your surrender, that you enjoy it. Now are you beginning to get it?

Through surrender to God, Self-realization will fall into your lap and raise you up.

Those who worship the gods go to the gods. Those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors. Those who worship the spirits go to the spirits, but those who worship Me (God) assuredly come to Me.

You get what you worship.

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Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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