The Best Surrender, Ascendent Kundalini & OM – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 24-25

Arjuna receives shaktipat from Krishna
Arjuna receives shaktipat from Krishna. Shaktipat can only be received in a state of surrender. The term ‘surrender’ is synonymous with ‘sacrifice’.

The Power of God & You

The manifestations of God in the world, in you, and in the entire universe.

The eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita are a conversation between Arjuna and his childhood friend and Guru, Lord Krishna. Arjuna has asked Him to explain how He as Absolute God, exists within Creation. Lord Krishna began answering this question in verse 19-20, God in You, and now He continues:

The Best Surrender, Ascendent Kundalini & OM

And Partha, of leaders, know me to be the chief of sacrificers, Bṛhaspati. Of commanders, I am Skanda, and of waters, I am the ocean.

Partha means ‘Holder of the Sword’. This is Arjuna, but Arjuna is an archer, so what is the meaning of this?

By addressing Arjuna as Holder of the Sword, Lord Krishna suggests that Arjuna holds an instrument that cuts. There is more than one meaning to this. One is that Arjuna now holds the knowledge (sword) of this God-practice that Lord Krishna has given him. Another is that, at some point, this instrument will cause impinging attachments to be cut away. This is a reference to khechari mudra, (sky-walking, or flying in the air, seal) which is associated with the fifth and sixth chakras.


Bṛhaspati is the chief, or best, offerer of sacrifices. The Sanskrit for chief means ‘placed at the head, north and ‘face’—north is the head where the gates of the senses are located in the face, the east. 

Bṛhaspati is the Lord of Devotion, the best sacrificerIn the meditation I practice,sacrifice is the surrender of oneself to God in meditation. Brihaspati then, is full and complete surrender without reservation—the best of sacrifices.


Skanda is the unrestrained leader of armies against the enemies of the gods. Skanda uses a full-feathered peacock as his personal vehicle, suggesting that he represents the task of attaining and maintaining ascendent Kundalini, which he preserves by protecting it.

Skanda is Lord Shiva’s first born son. That Skanda is His ‘first born’ indicates that Skanda is first thing produced by Lord Shiva when the energy enters into the realm of Shiva in the body, the Rudra loka (above the throat). Skanda is this protection. He is also called Subrahmanya, ‘dear to Brahmans (God-people)’.

Water is fluid and takes the form of the vessel containing it. The word for water in Sanskrit is rasa, meaning ‘the best or prime part of anything, a fluid or essential juice of the body, also called mercury or quicksilver’. Mercury is fluid in the same way as water, and represents Kundalini. With the heat produced by purification, Kundalini rises like the mercury in a thermometer.

Consider the sequence: the (1) best sacrifices (2) produces the protector of (3) ascendent Kundalini.

Of the Great Sages, I am Bhṛgu, and of vocal sounds, I am the single syllable OM. Of sacrifices, I am the japa sacrifice. Of the non-moving, I am the Himālayas.

Bhrighu, the best sacrificer, full surrender to God

Alternate translation:
Of the Great Sages, I am Bhrigu, bringer of fire and light to men. Of vocalizations, I am the one imperishable sound: OM. Of sacrifices, I am the chanting of the names of God. Of the non-moving, I am the Himalayas.

Of the Great Sages, I am Bhrigu
‘Bhrigu’ means ‘bringer of Fire and Light (energy)’ and ‘builder of chariots’ (bodies)’.

Of vocal sounds, I am the single syllable “Om”
Of sounds, I am the one and only completely pure and imperishable sound, the sound of OM (pronounced AUM, or ONG). The power of OMThis sound is the basis of all sounds, and all words.

Of sacrifices, I am the japa sacrifice
Of sacrifices (surrenders), I am the spontaneous sound of OM heard in meditation, and the spontaneous chanting of the many syllables and names of God in meditation (anahata nada) that has given rise to language.

Japa is an incantation that castes a spell. This occurs spontaneously in Experiential Meditation. One becomes enraptured by the repetitiveness of this charm. This mystical charm is quietly (privately) chanted, or sung. Later, spontaneous dancing begins.

HimalayasOf the non-moving, I am the Himālayas
Of the non-moving, I am ‘the night (himā) of absorption (laya)’ in the ‘abode of snow’ (himālaya). The abode of snow is the mountain top, the head, brain and mind.

When the mind finally stops moving, one becomes absorbed in the Absolute where there is no-thing to know, no-thing to be conscious of (‘night’). This non-moving state is Absolute God. In this state, there is only Absolute Bliss, for bliss is the nature of Absolute God. While it may seem that absorption indicates a merging in which the individual disappears, this is not so. One’s individuality can never be lost.

This verse has told us what precedes the verse before it, for one practicing yoga sadhana naturally.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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Finding the Magician Within – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 22-23

In these verses, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna the secret to accessing the Magician Within and reaching union with God/Truth—and we discover that this works for anything!  

How to Reach a Goal using the Magician Within

“Those who worship Me by constantly engaging in Yoga with their attention not directed elsewhere, I unite them with their goal. Even those who devotedly worship other gods with faith, even if in an uncustomary manner, are actually worshipping Me.” — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9, Verses 22-23

Those who worship Me by constantly engaging in Yoga with their attention not directed elsewhere, I unite them with their goal.

Alternate translation:
The worship of God through constant attention not directed elsewhere (meditation) is the practice of uniting (yoga) with God.

The definition of worship is also the definition of meditation and Yoga. When the goal is God, that’s what you get: God.

The practice of Yoga is the practice of meditation.
The practice of meditation is worship.

Yoga practiced correctly brings about union with the object of the attention—one is united with what their attention is on. If your attention is on Lord Krishna, you will be united with Lord Krishna. He has declared to us that what He really is is Absolute Imperishable God. You can’t do better than that.

Because prana (the Life Energy in your body) always follows the attention wherever it goes, one-pointed attention is also one-pointed prana. This is so obvious that it is easily missed. It is the key to successful meditation, yoga and union with the Divine. Through this practice, you cannot help but reach the goal.

Life Mastery

Constant one-pointed attention will bring you into union with whatever your attention is on, so this is also the key to accessing the Magician Within to master your life. Here’s how it works:

Where the attention goes, the energy flows.
Master your attention, master your energy, master your life.

Watch the video, Life Mastery Meditation on Consciousness

For us, the goal is Krishna, Absolute God. But as we said before, this is not everyone’s goal. Lord Krishna is telling us that no matter what the goal, it is He who unites us with that goal, and further explains…..

Even those who devotedly worship other gods with faith, even if in an uncustomary manner, are actually worshipping Me.

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You Get What You Worship

No matter what ‘god’ you worship with faith, you are worshipping God. With the certainty and trust of your faith, you will access the Magician Within and your goal will come to fruition.

If you always get bad things in your life, this is because you worship them—your attention is always on them. If you always get good things, this is because your attention is always on good things. For most of us, it is a mix.

In this verse, God is telling you how to get what you want: Keep your attention on it constantly. This is about ATTENTION, not positive thinking. Thinking takes place in the ether of the mind. An affirmative thought spoken aloud is a step in the right direction because it brings the idea out into the physical world. This may not be enough, but if you ‘worship’ your goal—constantly have your attention on it—this is a different matter altogether. 

Attention is The Magician Within
(it can manifest anything)

If you find you cannot keep your attention on the goal, it may be that your goal is set on something other than what you really want. When a goal is right for you, you will be passionate about it, you will feel it in your bones, experience it emotionally, and your attention will automatically be drawn to that goal.

You can’t reach a goal unless you know what it is.

When you fall in love, your attention is constantly on your loved one. You can’t stop thinking about this person you have fallen in love with. When your attention is truly and consistently on something in this way, every part of you is involved—your mind, your body and your feelings.

It is not enough to construct an affirmative statement to say in your mind or out loud. When using an affirmation, the attention is busy remembering and making the statement and is not on the actual goal.

Your attention must be on the goal itself and be able to stay there. If you cannot keep it there, look inside to discover what it is that you really want. This is not as easy as you think. It may be buried very deeply, so don’t give up.

Also, it is not enough to deny the negative side of a goal because this requires moving your attention away from the goal and employing it for the purpose of denial. A negative side will always exist with a positive anyway, so denial is useless. Notice it with compassion and move on. By denying it, it will only become stronger because it is hidden.

Hiding things makes them stronger.

Ten Keys to Success at Anything

The closer your goal is to the Truth of You as you really are, the closer you are to the Magician Within, and the more efficiently your attention can deliver the goal. The farther away, the more fallout there will be, for when you act discordantly with your real Self you create negative karma that will backfire.

There are ten principles called yama and niyama that describe the Real You. Learn them, pay attention to them by noticing them in your daily life, and master them. Acting and living in harmony with the Real You, your goals will easily manifest, and you will achieve unparalleled happiness in the here and now.

If you want to take Life Mastery seriously, take my course in yama and niyama called Ten Keys to Success. Here you will find these ten principles described in plain English, with experiments and techniques for mastering them.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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The Means of Reaching God is God – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 16

God: “I am the ritual, the sacrifice, the holder, the medicine, the mantra, and the purified butter. I am the sacrificial fire, and I am the oblation.” — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9, Verse 16

Previously Lord Krishna said that when He assumes human form as an avatara, the ignorant and deluded despise or disregard Him, even though His highest state of existence is unborn Absolute God. However, those who have attained Him know Him to be the embodiment of the Imperishable Absolute. 

He goes on to say that it is He who is the entire process of reaching this state—the means of reaching God is God: God is the ritual, the sacrifice, the holder, the medicine, the mantra, the purified butter, the sacrificial fire, and the oblation:The Ritual

The Ritual
The enjoined action

The ritual is the practice of the knowledge we have been receiving: the secret Yoga. He gave us this knowledge and now he is telling us how this yoga unfolds by describing it in terms of action, the basis of which is…

The Sacrifice
The surrender of oneself to God

In the context of ritual (practice), the sacrifice is the full surrender of oneself to Absolute God. To make this easier for us mortals, Lord Krishna has declared Himself to be an avatara, a physical embodiment of the Absolute, giving us a place to begin that is more personal and more comprehensible: We can surrender ourselves to Krishna knowing that He is That: God, Guru, Absolute God, to whom we surrender. 

The HolderThe Holder

The holder of the vessel

The holder is you. You hold the vessel of the sacrificial offering. In an earlier chapter we learned that “one lifts the self by the self.” No one can surrender for us. And because we are mortal and will not achieve the Ultimate in an instant, we must continue this practice unceasingly. It is enjoined, it is our duty before all other duties.

The Medicine
The perfecting power of the ritual

This continually repeated practice purifies, cleanses and clears the body, feelings and mind. It is the medicinal herb to the one who practices this ritual sacrifice.

The Mantra
Spontaneous repetition of sounds heard and expressed during the ritual

The repetition of mantra occurs as a spontaneous effect of the ritual (practice), so it is a part of it. Mantra not only keeps the mind on God, but the repetition of the sacred syllables of the mantra and their vibrational effects clear the mind and swiftly dissolve the debris. 

The Purified Butter
The remainder after purification

Impurities are burned away through the process of the ritual bringing about tapas (heat). The ‘butter’ is melted down, separating the pure from the impure. The impurities are discarded, leaving only what is pure.

The Sacrificial FireThe Sacrificial Fire
The awakening of Kundalini

Fire is energy. The ‘sacrificial fire’ is the intensification of the Life Energy, prana, so that it becomes strong and can awaken kundalini, the evolutionary force. The sacrificial fire accelerates kundalini’s mission to evolve you to the perfect, divine one that you really are.

The Oblation
The offering

The oblation is what you offer into this fire: yourself.

Now try reading this verse again: “I am the ritual, the sacrifice, the holder, the medicine, the mantra, and the purified butter. I am the sacrificial fire, and I am the oblation.” This describes the process of Experiential (Surrender) Meditation: It’s all about YOU — God, the practice and you are one and the same, so success is inevitable.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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