Operating SKY Haven

Abiding by Swami Kripalu’s Standards 

The following is meant to provide more understanding of the purpose and operation of SKY Haven. Everything in this statement is a version of Kripalu’s own words minimally modified to apply to SKY Haven. The word ‘saint’ has been retained, as Swami Kripalu considered anyone doing this sadhana to be a saint.

The place should be beautiful so that everyone can get divine inspiration.

The main saint who resides there may live in solitude and should not have to go out. That person’s word should be final on everything. The board should work as per the orders of that saint. No one person on this board should have all the power; everyone must give cooperative selfless service.

Anyone who creates a dispute or causes trouble shall be immediately relieved of their position and/or evicted from the property. In this group there must be complete cooperation and selfless service. The owner of the land will keep the management of the physical property in their hands, but may accept cooperative help from other members.

It must be run only with a spiritual purpose, and not to amass wealth, which would create politics and make it into a commercial enterprise. Only unpleasantness would result, and no one would be happy and at peace. If peace and happiness are desired, and if we are to give peace and happiness to others, then only selfless service can be of use.

I am not supposed to have to think about any of this, but I have given this outline as Swami Kripalu gave it.

Jaya Bhagavan,
Durga Ma

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Greetings from Atmajyoti,

Durga Ma’s Onion is a mission Ma began years ago after Swami Kripalu stated his wish that a place in the continental United States be created where people could come to practice this particular form of sadhana. I have now joined in this mission and it is the ultimate goal of the SKY Foundation to bring this community to fruition. A place where people can live, visit or retreat for spiritual counsel and practice. A fully functioning community living in alignment with our true nature, providing a haven for others who also want to live this way with the support and guidance of a authentic spiritual master and teachers committed to the awakening of their students and the world.

This is a really exciting time! We are on the threshold of creating something amazing that will potentially grow and serve others long after we have left this life. First we need to secure Durga Ma financially while we build the foundation and move forward with our plans… Read more>>>