Characteristics of the Demonic, Bhagavad Gita, Ch 16, Vs 6 – 11

Ravana, demon king
Ravana, the ten-headed demon king

Of created beings in the world there are two kinds: the divine and the demonic. The divine has been explained at great length. Now hear from Me about the demonic:

Those persons possessing demonic characteristics cannot comprehend action and inaction, nor do they understand purity or righteous action. Truth is not found in them.

  • Action, pravṛitti – ‘to turn, revolve, go around in circles’; using the will to act for self-motivated purposes (i.e. desires), thus causing one to remain caught in the cycles of death and rebirth.
  • Inaction, nivṛitti – ‘inaction’; abandoning self-motivated (willful) actions in surrender to God/Truth) and escaping the cycles of death and rebirth.
  • Purity – clearness; everything in its natural, divine order.
  • Righteous action – action in accordance with scriptural injunction; actions consistent with the Real You that emerge from your surrender to Absolute God in meditation.
  • Truth – Absolute God — whether personal God or abstract God, and regardless of what you call It.

The Demonic say that the world is without Truth, without a God, without any solid basis, but is brought about by desire alone. How else!  

Alternate translation:
The Demonic say that the universe has no real basis, that there is no God, no Truth, and is created by nothing other than the commingling of the two sexes, and has no purpose other than sexual gratification.

The Rakshasa demons of Ravana go after the good guys.
King Ravana’s Rakshasa demons go after the good guys.

Holding fast to these views, these men who have lost themselves, are of small intelligence and cruel acts. They arise as enemies of the world, threatening its destruction.

This leaves the preservation of the world up to those of us willing to grow spiritually. When we do, we are benefited, and everyone else is also benefited. This is the ONLY way that the world can be saved from this destruction.

The world and its inhabitants will not be saved by campaigns for eliminating pollution, global warming, etc., but by a sufficient number of individuals increasing their spiritual advancement. Surely, you would want to be one of these heroes?

We must take up this purpose by means of increased personal and spiritual growth. We must advance ourselves. This is not only going to bring us more happiness, but it will have a positive effect on everyone else, and even the planet itself.

ONLY YOU can save the world.

What we have to do is to get in sync with our Real Selves as described in verses 1-3 and the yamas and niyamas, the Ten Keys to Success, ten universal spiritual principles. Without this knowledge, practice and ultimate mastery, all efforts to advance will eventually fail, but with it, success is guaranteed

With every success you achieve, the world takes a step forward. When you are happy and content in your life, the world sighs in relief. When you as a human being exemplify the Real You, the world is massively brought forward along with everyone in it.

Everything you do affects everyone else. 

Attached to insatiable desires and filled with deceit, pride and lust, they accept such false notions through delusion, and proceed with impure intentions.

Obsessed with endless anxieties that can end only end in death, maintaining with complete assurance that fulfilling desires is the highest aim possible, they are convinced that this is all there is.

There is nothing we can do about these people other than get on with our own spiritual advancement. Not only can this save the world, but it can make significant changes in the lives of others, and may even save them as well. So let’s up the ante!

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

Make a Difference

Have a Positive Impact on the World

Become a Spiritual Leader

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Spiritual Leadership is not a replacement for anything you may already be doing, but will augment any spiritual avenues you already travel, and open up new vistas.

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Helping you advance spiritually is my mission.
Saving the world is the result of our success.
Durga Ma

The Fast Track

Surrender Meditation

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga
Spontaneous Experiential Meditation

Slip into a natural state of meditation with ease. Experience the relief of reaching a true meditative state without any effort and without using your will.

Receive shaktipat and become initiated into the original meditation of ancient masters from which meditation techniques were eventually derived.

Increase your knowledge base and begin Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, Surrender Meditation. Though correct knowledge you will increase your progress by a thousand times, and bring about even deeper meditation and amazing experiences.

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“Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.”

The Whole World Is One Family


Risk, Efficacy and Victory – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 36-37

Krishna - Arjuna - Victorious

The Power of God & You

The manifestations of God in the world, in you, and in the entire universe.

The eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Arjuna and his childhood friend and Guru, Lord Krishna. Arjuna has asked Him to explain how He, as Absolute God, exists within Creation (beginning with verses 19-20, “God in You”):

Risk, Efficacy and Victory

Of gamblers I am the risk, and of the noble I am their efficacy. I am the victory of the determined, and the purity and goodness of the resolute.

There are several ways to translate this verse. To keep it down to one, I am using what is most applicable to my own sadhana.

Of gamblers I am the risk. This works for me because I understand from the Mahabharata that the good guys, the Pandavas, were involved in gambling. This kind of behavior is usually looked down on by the religious, but there is a special meaning here:

The Pandavas, Arjuna’s people, were urged over and over again by Lord Krishna Himself, to take up this ‘battle’. He advised this for the purpose of regaining their throne, their inheritance, so they finally acquiesced and surrendered to Lord Krishna and accepted his guidance.

This also applies to us. We have lost our throne, our authority over our own selves and our own lives. Taking a chance and surrendering to Absolute God/Truth will reverse this situation and bring you into your inheritance. Surrender to a God you don’t know yet may seem like a risk, but one takes this risk on faith in order to achieve victory. The end result is union (yoga) with That.

Of the noble, I am their efficacy. Making the choice to engage in this battle and put God in the driver’s seat as Arjuna did, literally, is a noble act that leads to victory. Lord Krishna is saying that He is the effectiveness resulting from Arjuna’s having made this choice.

I am the victory of the determined, and the purity and goodness of the resolute. This tells us that, with resolute determination we will achieve victory, and all that is good and true.

Of the Vrishnis, I am Vasudeva. Of the sons of Pandu, I am the Conqueror of Wealth. Of the munis, I am Vyasa, and of poets, I am Ushana.

Vrishnis. Of the descendants of the Vrishni clan, Krishna is the son of Vasudeva. Vasudeva means ‘indwelling god’ or ‘indwelling divine individual’, the Real Self inside all the packaging. He is saying that His birth as Krishna is the result of what is Real that dwells within. This is consistent with being the avatara of Vishnu (‘all-pervader’), the first divine individual in the Absolute to be self-aware and know Other divine individuals as the same. 

Of the Sons of Pandu. The Pandus, Arjuna’s people, are risker-takers. Not only is getting involved in a war a risk, but it all started with Arjuna’s brother gambling with the enemy and losing everything. Lord Krishna is addressing Arjuna as Dhanañjaya, which means ‘winner of wealth’. He is letting Arjuna know that he can expect success. What this means then, is that we can expect success in this facet of our own practice.

What facet is this? Awakening the sleeping evolutionary force (kundalini) so that we can retake our inheritance as sovereign Self-knowing lords by defeating the enemy represented as the Kurus, the ‘doers’. In other words, we will come to accept ourselves as sovereign non-doing divine individuals, knowing that all action occurs in nature, and what we really is not nature and does nothing.

Of the Munis. A muni is a saint, sage, devotee or hermit, a Brahman (God-person) of the highest order. Krishna is saying that of munis, He is Vyasa.

Now remember that it is Vyasa, the Sage, who is writing this conversation between Krishna (God) and Arjuna (you). Once again he inserts himself into the plot, this time as the greatest of munis, Lord Krishna Himself.

I suspect that there have been many authors called Vyasa (‘compiler and arranger’), but this one has a unique signature: his sense of humor finds it way into the text as he puts himself into the plot. 

Of Poets, Ushana. The keepers of spiritual knowledge were sages who were poets and bards. This not only preserved knowledge, but protected it from corruption. Teachings like this Bhagavad Gita (‘God’s Song’), were preserved in rhythmic verse and meter, making them almost impossible to be tampered with or lost, but easy to remember. These poet-sages were very advanced and enlightened yogis who understood what they were chanting and preserving. Krishna is saying that of these poets he is Ushana, the poet most ‘zealous and impassioned’.

  • Poet (kavi) – “a wise man, sage, seer, prophet, singer, bard” and “insightful, intelligent, knowing, enlightened, wise, sensible, prudent, skillful.”

The other device for preserving teachings was sutras, the use of short phrases, or even single words, which were memorized and used as cues for the remembrance of the associated teachings. One famous example is the Yoga Sutras of the sage Patanjali. Many read these sutras and expect that they are the teachings, but this is not so. They are bell-ringers meant to stimulate the memory of the mysteries they hold, many of which are only orally communicated. Perhaps we will take up the Yoga Sutras once we complete the Bhagavad Gita.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

The most effective form of Spiritual Development always has two parts:  Real Meditation and Practices for daily living.

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Replace effort with experience.
Don’t DO meditation, EXPERIENCE it with shaktipat.

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Mind5 - Consciousness
As your True Self emerges, your Life becomes more satisfying, and the Lives of others are benefited. 
As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.

Every step you take pulls every one of us with you—we ride the slipstream of your spiritual progress.

The Whole World is One Family

The Problem with Consciousness

Each of us is a two-part package
Being true to your Real Self can change the world.

The Problem with Consciousness

Being true to your Real Self can change the world, but there is a problem with consciousness that we must address for your Real Self to effectively emerge.

Awareness of the plight of others less fortunate than ourselves requires a willingness to be conscious of it. Because we do not like having to experience discomfort and pain, we deal with this dark side by white-washing it with social beliefs, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc., and end in denial: “Everything is perfect just as it is.”  That’s the problem with consciousness.Making Life Better for Everyone is Easy

Try telling this to the suffering, hungry, tortured, destitute 95% of our world family and see where it gets you. If you don’t relieve their dilemma by at least feeding them, you will not be considered as enlightened as you may believe yourself to be. You will be found out as insensitive and self-interested.

Most of us simply do not want to know. We circumvent expanding our consciousness in order to avoid knowing, whether we are aware of doing this or not. We hide behind denial, and the suffering continues.

Consciousness is a Responsibility

Mind and Consciousness

With consciousness comes responsibility. Everyone is already up to their ears in responsibilities, so denial is understandable. However, it is precisely because we do not sincerely engage in our spiritual development and do the work it requires, we have no way to experience for ourselves the many blessings this would bring—to ourselves and to others. In this way, we forfeit our contribution to those in need of healing, understanding, food on the table, a roof over their head and bed to sleep on…..and a way to make progress for themselves.

If we take the road of feeding people, or offering medical assistance for instance, this is very helpful, and it may even get us in the door. But if we can’t offer these things on a regular basis, they will fall back into misery. We will have gained little more than the right to pat ourselves on the back.

The Amazing Effect of Expanded Consciousness

Most of us do not want to know that what we do or don’t do, especially in the way of our own improvement, has an effect on everyone else. We don’t want the responsibility. And we don’t want the distress that will come with it—we don’t want to know what most people have to endure on a daily basis. We just want what we want for ourselves.

The more conscious we are, the more conscious we will be of the distress of others. While we would also experience their good fortunes, there is little of this compared to the distress, and a part of us knows this. It is not a pretty picture. So we tell ourselves that we really do care, but there is nothing we can do.

But there is.

The Effect of Expanded Consciousness is Always Positive

We can pursue our own personal and spiritual development. But do we really want this? Do we really want all the changes inherent in progress? Or do we prefer to maintain the status quo, play it ‘safe’, and continue to selfishly seek happiness by trying to get our desires fulfilled over and over again? More than the desired object itself, we enjoy the sense of accomplishment and control we experience when we succeed. But it is this deadly duo that keeps us imprisoned in the very darkness we were attempting to escape. 

What is to be done?

The Solution

There is a simple answer to this problem of consciousness that may surprise you: 

∞⇒  We turn ourselves into sensitive and brave human beings who are willing to risk exposure to the suffering of others that will come with expanded consciousness.

∞⇒  We do this by taking up the project of aligning ourselves with the Divine Ones that we really are, and make some real progress.

∞⇒ We offer practical help however and whenever we can.

Do you not see the validity of this approach? If you study any scripture with a receptive mind and a genuine interest in Truth, you will find it there.
Each of us is a two-part package

Each of us is a two-part package. We are (1) Divine Individuals (2) embodied as human beings. At our core is number one, and in this we are all the same, regardless of appearances.

This sameness unites us all as a family of individuals we already know. We already know everyone because, as Divine Individuals, we are all the same, and it only takes one to know one. But before we can become aware of our knowledge of Others, we must know our Selves.  

If you still don’t understand this, or if you don’t believe it, consider this: Taking this approach may seem like a risk, but there is a huge payoff for you. And it will work, whether you know about it, believe it, or agree with it, or not. The payoff for you is more happiness here and now, and a more fulfilling Life.

You will have come across various ‘causes’ that contend that, “If everyone would just do such-and-such there would be world peace, or a cleaner planet, or no more wars, etc.” But what I am proposing does not require that everyone get on board. It is not necessary because the progress of one person will affect many. These ‘many’ will then come closer to making the same choice to expand their spiritual development and consciousness. And then one day, one does, and many are affected by that one. And so on it goes.

Truth is not dependent on our beliefEven if you just act as if this were true, it will still work. Whether you believe it or not is not important, for Truth is not dependent on belief. It is a win-win proposition that is pleasant and demands very little of you, pays you back in spades, and resolves the problem with consciousness…and makes the world a better place, and everyone in it a little happier.

Just as you cannot live in the same house with other people and not be affected by them, no one can live in this world without affecting everyone. So I propose that we use this to our advantage — ours and everyone else’s. 

As per the previous post (Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 8-11), the most effective and enjoyable way to take up this venture is to do it with others. For this reason, I have designed Self Emergence Mandalas and Experiential Meditation Encounters.

Be the Solution

Meditate, Emerge and Flourish

Though we have barely begun, Self Emergence and Experiential Meditation are already growing. Join us and be the solution. 

Please visit the pages below on my website,, and if this project interests you, contact us and let us know. If you cannot find Self Emergence or Experiential Meditation in your area, we may be able to help.

Self Emergence
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Self Emergence

As your True Self emerges, your Life becomes more satisfying, and the Lives of Others are benefited. As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.


Experiential Meditation
Encounters & Master Classes
Shaktipat Diksha

Experiential Meditation is Natural Meditation

Replace effort with experience.
Don’t DO meditation, EXPERIENCE it with shaktipat.


When you resonate, the worlds resonates with you.
Being true to your Real Self can change the world.

The whole world is one family.